Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Oh My Dear Blogosphere readers (I know at least my mom and little sister read this- hence the plural)

Sorry for neglecting you.
As it happens- life happens.  And around these here parts it means packing and graduating and cleaning (less of that though- mostly just packing).  We're in the home stretch. Moving on Saturday.  Crossing fingers and toes and eyes that all goes well.  I will do a Mother's Day part 2 post at a later date.  My dear sweet mama deserves a post of her own and I cannot do it justice with the limited brain power on which I am currently trying to function.  Breakdowns are a daily occurrence.  Despite getting rid of SO MUCH STUFF- we still have FAR too much.  But I'm at the "I-don't-care-throw-it-in-a-box" stage and Sean has been so good to keep us a bit more organized than that.

Today I had a fun test- the glucose test.  Drink a nasty lovely orange drink and draw blood in exactly an hour.  Silly vampires- why can't they just take it from my neck and be done with it? Plus once I'm a vampire wouldn't that make me impenetrable to needles?  I like that idea.  And I wasn't supposed to have anything sugary all day-- so what did I do as soon as it was over? ICE CREAM! We made our last stop (and first in Logan) for Cold Stone Ice Cream.  There is no Cold Stone in the booming metropolis we're moving to.  But that's ok.  We'll be right across the street from the local burger joint and they have yummy soft serve.  The doctor says I'm gaining weight perfectly with the pregnancy- and he's not worried about it- so I figure why change what I'm doing now? Bring on the icy creamy deliciousness .  (Though I may regret that after Wee #3 is born and have to lose "baby weight". Bah- that's another day. Beauty comes in all forms.)

Attended my last book club last week. I don't even really want to post about it.  It was lovely- though we were missing a few- and missing them a lot.  I may have to make an annual trip up here for a weekend bookclub getaway at some point.  Enough of that.

We look like drunkards.  Our house is floor to ceiling with alcohol boxes.  The liquor store always has the best boxes and they give them out for FREE (in Adam Sandler's voice)! It was a little awkward when I went in a few weeks ago with my pregnant belly.  The looks I got--boy were they relieved when I said I just wanted boxes.  Pretty funny though.  Made me think of the movie Baby Mama. "I knew something was up when I saw you beatin' yo' baby bump." Classy movie.  I laughed so hard I almost peed.  Must have been one of those need-a-laugh nights.

Well. I really need to get back to packing SOMETHING- though at this point I'm not sure what. Probably the Schnapps box.



    (Sorry about the all caps, I'm just so proud and excited.)

    Uuuuugh! I detest moving! I'm sorry that you're having to do it. If I were there, and if we actually knew each other in real life, I would totally help you. Bummer that we don't actually know each other.

    Good luck with the move. Don't forget to keep on bloggin' because you're a witty lady and I like to mimic you. :)

  2. I'm so glad there are others who have seen Bedtime Stories---anyone who hasn't-- you should.

    Thanks for the blogosphere helpful thoughts :) I would totally let you come over and pack/take my stuff.

    PS- I love your wittiness too-- blog soon. :)

  3. Yay! So glad glucose test is DONE! And this time next week the packing and moving is in the rearview also. Just sing,"It's POSSIBLE! for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage..." as you tape up boxes. Moving happens.

  4. hugs your almost there! I wuld be much closer but i smashed my finger...bad. so now i am kinda incapacitated. look forward to living next to you....for a week :) but we will only be 4 hrs away.

  5. LOVE the Adam Sandler quote!! for FREEEEEEEEEEE!

    Hang in there :) Book Club will NOT ever be the same without you.

    Looks like we're here for the weekend if you need help moving or if you want to bring Ian and Landon over for the day. Really.:)

  6. Oh. There WILL be annual weekends. We just need to figure the what's out. But there WILL be weekends, my friend!

  7. I'm moving on Friday (grad school) and I feel your pain. Maybe even more so because I only have to pack for myself, not a family of four. I can't even imagine. One day, when I'm rich, I'm hiring movers to do everything... or I'll marry someone in the Air Force because this happens for them as well. (My dad informed me of a bachelor back in the 70s that he knew who did not purge anything before the USAF movers came and subsequently paid a ton of money to have his bricks shipped overseas. At least this is not happening to you. Also, remember, when you move, make sure you get rid of your bricks.)