Monday, May 23, 2011

Blessings abound.

I'm baaaack!

Well sort of.  I still need to be quick about posting but I need to update you on our lives.

We moved.

We made it safe and sound.  No incident or even funny stories to report from that.  Sorry. We're mostly unpacked at this point.  Except for a few boxes in our room: namely my "Sewing essentials" box---not sure where to put it or if I should in fact unpack it at all.  The weather has been crazy- but I'm loving the wide open spaces here.  We even hiked Posey's Trail the other day.  It was loverly.

Today is Lando's Birthday! YAY! He's two now- but really I've been saying he and his brother and 2 and 4 respectively for a little while now.  Two years ago I was in Blanding on vacation and went into early labor.  I thought they'd send me home.  Turned out we spent 4 days in Grand Junction Colorado (after giving birth) where Lando was in the NICU.  LONGEST 4 DAYS OF MY LIFE.  Those Moms and grandmas and other loved ones who have done more time in the NICU have my respect.  He's happy and healthy (though prone to ear infections and allergic to cats just like me).

Sean just got a job! Starts on Wednesday.  Real job with benefits.  *sigh* We really are feeling so incredibly blessed.  We found out about the opportunity the week we were moving.  Sent in a resume.  Phone interview number one.  Would you be willing to relocate?  They didn't understand we were moving on purpose and were looking for a job to support that decision.  So then we moved. Phone interview number two. Lots of technical questions.  Sean wasn't feeling too great about it.  Called on references.  Face to face interview this morning. Job offer this afternoon.  So. Blessed. Things really are falling into place.  That's not to say it's all roses but right now it feels GREAT to have hard work pay off.

Last week we took the boys to Farm Days.  Kind of missed the good stuff but got to ride a 4wheeler around the farm instead- the perks of a small town I guess.  I have pictures I'll post later.


  1. Wow guys! Congratulations on already finding a job. That is amazing! It seems it was meant to be with how the timing of it all worked out. I am so happy things seem to be going really well for you guys.

    Oh and happy birthday to Landon! I was on vacation as well just a couple of days before I had Kinley early too. I swear all that hiking in the hot desert didn't help with her coming early. No more vacations for me when I'm super pregnant! I can't believe Landon is 2 that means Kinley's almost 2 and I can't handle that thought. That cheesy phrase of "kids grow up too fast" is so true!

  2. Happy Birthday Lando!! I meant to call today but got busy. :/

    I'm so happy for you guys. Kelli's right- sounds meant to be. Congrats and good luck to Sean! Well, and you. You still have big changes going on to deal with too. I love you guys and I miss you already.

  3. I am so stoked for you guys! And happy birthday to lando sorry I forgot. hope things are well we love you!