Friday, August 21, 2009

Picture Update

I told you I'd do it, told you I'd do it.... Aaaahhhh! (Thank you Thank you. I'll be here all week)
Look at what a good big brother Ian is. He loves Landon so much. He always wants to hold him and rock him. Today when he came home from his grand adventure with Grandpa and Grandma who did he want? Well Dad at first to snuggle him (he'd just woken up) then he wanted Landon. "Hold," he said. So he held "LaLow" and gave him a big hug...did Mom get a hug when he got home??? no. But I'm glad he loves his brother.
Ian's 2nd birthday was celebrated in style with a trip to the zoo and a "Melmo" cake. Evidently my niece is terrified of muppets...that would have been good to know BEFORE the Sesame Street themed party. She didn't have any trouble eating Elmo's face--she just didn't want to talk about it or hear/say his name. Anyway, Ian LOVES "Melmo" and had a wonderful time. I'm pretty sure he thinks every day he gets to open presents. And yes, I made the cake myself. :)

My boys showin' off their guns...

When Ian got home today he wanted to play with the "Cheese" aka Camera so I obliged and we had fun. The screen was flipped towards us-hence Ian's confused look.

Say ahhh!
Sorry we haven't been the greatest at getting pictures up. But you have them now so stop whining! TTFN


  1. His cake is beautiful Maggie! I cant believe how big landon is. He is almost as big as ian ;)

  2. Lily would love that birthday cake!!

  3. I can't believe Ian's 2, crazy! That cake is adorable. You're so crafty!