Friday, October 4, 2013

Right about now...

Right about now...

Funk Soul Brotha

Check it out now, Funk Soul Brotha:

I'm hoping that hot pockets and microwave Cheese Wheels (macNcheese wheels) counts for a meal because that's what we had for lunch.  Don't judge.  It was a major decision between that and something someone else cooked (aka fast food) that costs a lot more.

Currently I am writing from a fairly swirly allergy med haze.

Wish I could truly enjoy it.  But I have to be psudo responsible until further notice.  Or when Sean gets home.  Whichever comes first.  "Sponsibility" sure is a buzz kill though.

It's a good thing days like today don't come around too often or I'd be 600 lbs with BBQ sauce dripping from my chin.  And one of my sons would be named Gilbert.  And they'd have to burn the house when I die. (Spoiler. Sorry. I wasn't myself.)

Boychild the first is walking home.

It's cold outside with a lovely, icy north wind a blowin'.  Knocked over our trashcans (which some dog enjoyed throwing about the contents on our lawn). Goodthing Firstborn has his big ol' coat.  No snow here.  I'm trying not to be grateful because we NEED the water, but I'm not ready for snow just yet.

The "ugly" wall is now simple, naked beams.  Don't have a picture.  They're on Sean's phone sorry.  What a mess that was.  Next time we start a home improvement/demolition job the first order of business is to look at the clock.  If it is after noon we'll save it for another day.  We started cleaning up the mess (of plaster and lath and DUST EVERYWHERE) around midnight and called it quits at 2 A.M. (Saturday/Sunday) I'm still finding things that we forgot (or didn't get to) wipe down.

Ok.  The urge to nap is winning. Catch ya on the flipside.  And go play the video one more time.  It's a good one.

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