Monday, August 26, 2013

Too. Much. Testosterone.

Nail Polish.

I would probably get sick of these things if it was all consuming. 

Right now- they sounds heavenly. 

Instead I get talk of 

Spy Stuff (excuse to use guns).
Bodily Functions.

I need some frilly estrogen.  All this testosterone is killing me. 
Even the neighbor boys come over and that's the first thing everyone talks about. 

I love every single one of my boys. 

But THIS girl can only handle so much. And that much was about 2 days ago. 

I'm longing for a getaway. No way we could arrange one of those spur of the moment trips- eh Missionary Sistergirl and Mom? Dang. Thanks anyway- I think I'll go get some bubble bath, earplugs and a good book.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll drop in on a friend or two.  

Till then.

Real life discussion just now as I'm formatting to post this:
Son1: Mom, can we play inside?
Me: Sure. 
Neighbor: With guns? (I previously took all the toy guns and told them they couldn't play with them today.)
Me: Nope. Find something else to play with. 
Neighbor (as the kids all mope into the boys' room): Like what...?
Me: **Sigh**

(Luckily Ian did quickly come up with a whole list of things other than guns to play with.) 

I'm sure they'll just make guns out of Duplos now but whatever. Sean should be home any minute now and then I'm out to go get bubble bath. 

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