Friday, August 2, 2013

Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa,

It's been almost two years.  I still think about you all the time.  I did before you died too, just didn't call as often as I should have. I'm sorry. I'm trying to learn from that.  I see pictures that Mom posts of the cosmos and my thoughts turn to you.  Gazing up at things bigger than we can comprehend and the wonder of it all.  I think you you every time I see the vast amount of stars in our clean, clear, thin air.  It still surprises me.  You'd love it here.  The sky at least.

We just got a chalkboard from my father in law and put it up in our dining room.  It reminds me of the happy hours drawing on the chalkboard on your porch and you and grandma doling out the chalk one piece at a time so they didn't all make it through the cracks in 2 minutes.  I hope my kids will have those kind of memories.

I think of you every time I see my little Charlie Curtis.  He's almost two now. He just woke up from his morning nap and is now dragging his blankie and elephant to see what his brothers are up to. It breaks my heart that you don't get to be here to see this. I know you're here with us in spirit, but it's not quite the same. Ian is almost 6 and mastering riding a two wheeler.  He'll be starting first grade in a few weeks and hopes to be good enough that we can ride bikes to school.  He has his first loose tooth but I think it'll be a few more weeks until it really falls out.  Landon is quite the artist.  He draws very detailed and meticulous drawings.  They are all such sweet little boys.  (They do know how to throw a tantrum with the rest of them but overall their sweetness wins out.)

Sean is reading Treasure Island with them before bed.  They soak it in. Ask questions. Sometimes I'll read them the Pokey Little Puppy. They love that naughty little puppy.

We have lots of little (and big) home improvements and they make me think of you. All that the things you made with your hands.  I'm glad I can look up at night and think of you.

Love you,


  1. Hugs Maggie. Love you! Its so hard being part from those we love!

  2. Hugs Maggie. Love you! Its so hard being part from those we love!

  3. I don't know if my last comment actually "went through" but I love this. Love you.

  4. Lora- I have to approve them first (because I dislike the picture thing and don't want spam-which apparently I get a LOT of). And thanks. I'm so grateful for the internet- where I can post a letter and feel like it is out in the cosmos and maybe he can read it. Instead of in a drawer where I just get sad seeing a bunch of unmailed letters.

  5. Charlie also has Grandpa's birth order. Grandpa was born a third sibling, too, so he would probably really understand the always wanting to do what the big kids are doing. It's surprising the things that connect us: stars, chalkboards, The Pokey Little Puppy. I love your tender heart and your willingness to let it show.