Monday, August 26, 2013

Too. Much. Testosterone.

Nail Polish.

I would probably get sick of these things if it was all consuming. 

Right now- they sounds heavenly. 

Instead I get talk of 

Spy Stuff (excuse to use guns).
Bodily Functions.

I need some frilly estrogen.  All this testosterone is killing me. 
Even the neighbor boys come over and that's the first thing everyone talks about. 

I love every single one of my boys. 

But THIS girl can only handle so much. And that much was about 2 days ago. 

I'm longing for a getaway. No way we could arrange one of those spur of the moment trips- eh Missionary Sistergirl and Mom? Dang. Thanks anyway- I think I'll go get some bubble bath, earplugs and a good book.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll drop in on a friend or two.  

Till then.

Real life discussion just now as I'm formatting to post this:
Son1: Mom, can we play inside?
Me: Sure. 
Neighbor: With guns? (I previously took all the toy guns and told them they couldn't play with them today.)
Me: Nope. Find something else to play with. 
Neighbor (as the kids all mope into the boys' room): Like what...?
Me: **Sigh**

(Luckily Ian did quickly come up with a whole list of things other than guns to play with.) 

I'm sure they'll just make guns out of Duplos now but whatever. Sean should be home any minute now and then I'm out to go get bubble bath. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Abby Birdy Two Ewe

First day (of second week) of school!


He's 2 today. 

Old man. 

Really just not a baby anymore. 

But he'll always be my baby. 

Oldest brother is in First Grade now and it's not as bad as I feared. He likes riding his bike to school- but Mommy got sick and couldn't pull two kids in the trailer.  Middle brother is a little too fond of his brakes to make any sort of decent time to school. Thus the trailer. 

Middle brother is starting Preschool again tomorrow. We are all excited.  He has missed Ms. Melissa all summer! And this year he gets to make a few new friends. It'll be great. 

Wee#3 is 2. Where has the time gone? He's a little firecracker for sure.  Loves to be with the big boys, he thinks he's one of them. Jumping. Riding bikes (though he's mostly content to ride in the trailer for now).  He loves his helmet. Duplos. Cars. Any thing and Every thing he can get into he does.  Sometimes I feel like I live on the east coast or something because Charlie calls me "Ma!" Kind of funny. He doesn't really talk much other than that but he can sign "More" and "Please" and is proficient at charades.  (It's a good thing I'm pretty good at guessing charades.)  Pretty cute and you can see how some actual signs evolve.  This morning we were talking about running and he started dancing.  Well he wasn't dancing he was acting out what arms do when running. Fun. 

Now take a good look at that photo. 

When we moved here to Blanding Ian was 4 (almost) and Landon was 2 (his birthday was a week after we moved here

And we waited and waited and WAITED for Chollie Tortoise. 8 days past my due date when the other two were 3 and 4 weeks early.  I thought I'd be pregnant forever.  Then he came.  It was a whirlwind labor- and that should have been my first clue.  He was going to cook until he was good and ready and then hit the ground running.  We haven't slowed down since then.  

Love you Baby Boy. My Charlie Curtis. 

Happy Birthday Chuck.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa,

It's been almost two years.  I still think about you all the time.  I did before you died too, just didn't call as often as I should have. I'm sorry. I'm trying to learn from that.  I see pictures that Mom posts of the cosmos and my thoughts turn to you.  Gazing up at things bigger than we can comprehend and the wonder of it all.  I think you you every time I see the vast amount of stars in our clean, clear, thin air.  It still surprises me.  You'd love it here.  The sky at least.

We just got a chalkboard from my father in law and put it up in our dining room.  It reminds me of the happy hours drawing on the chalkboard on your porch and you and grandma doling out the chalk one piece at a time so they didn't all make it through the cracks in 2 minutes.  I hope my kids will have those kind of memories.

I think of you every time I see my little Charlie Curtis.  He's almost two now. He just woke up from his morning nap and is now dragging his blankie and elephant to see what his brothers are up to. It breaks my heart that you don't get to be here to see this. I know you're here with us in spirit, but it's not quite the same. Ian is almost 6 and mastering riding a two wheeler.  He'll be starting first grade in a few weeks and hopes to be good enough that we can ride bikes to school.  He has his first loose tooth but I think it'll be a few more weeks until it really falls out.  Landon is quite the artist.  He draws very detailed and meticulous drawings.  They are all such sweet little boys.  (They do know how to throw a tantrum with the rest of them but overall their sweetness wins out.)

Sean is reading Treasure Island with them before bed.  They soak it in. Ask questions. Sometimes I'll read them the Pokey Little Puppy. They love that naughty little puppy.

We have lots of little (and big) home improvements and they make me think of you. All that the things you made with your hands.  I'm glad I can look up at night and think of you.

Love you,