Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Honor for ALL

Can't vent on Facebook so I'll vent here.  

You know what bugs me. 

LDS Eliteism.  

The idea that because someone belongs to the same church I do, they are somehow better than someone else.  (Please forgive me if I've ever done this.) 

See, because here's the thing: WE ARE ALL HUMANS.  We all occupy the same Earth and breath the same air and while we may have different individual goals I think innately we are all striving for the same thing, live, learn, grow, and hopefully leave the world a little better than we found it.  (Terrorists and rapists are not exactly in the same realm- but that's a topic for another day. For now we're going with my idea- however Pollyanna it may be.) 

Recent tragedy struck a team of elite firefighters.  19 of 20 of the crew died when winds increased and things just got out of control (like we can control fire! but they were trying to trench it and stop it from going that direction...) The one that survived only did so because he was moving the truck at the time.  Talk about weight to carry.  Survivor's guilt.  It wasn't his fault by any means- but the thought that I am left and all my comrades are gone. Ugh. Gut punch to think about it.  NINETEEN.  19 families affected.  19 GROUPS of friends, acquaintences.  It is exponential. There are not only 19 people affected by this tragedy.  

And yet my reason for ranting. 

On Facebook this morning I saw a post of a friend of mine (and yes I would say we are actually friends in real life not just in Facebookland) who posted an article from Deseret News (again a whole other post-Deseret News) that ONE of the 19 was LDS (Mormon) and that she was sad for the children he left behind.  

I understand wanting details.  I understand wanting to connect so the grief we feel has reason.  I understand that the loss for his family is insurmountable. The pain and grief and loss are deep. 

But I was totally turned off at the attitude that left 18 families unaccounted for.  That said HE was worth mentioning because of his religion.  You want to see the names and faces of those who died? HERE.  There are families and friends and communities aching.  FOR EACH ONE.  Not just the Mormon guy.  For the kid that followed in his Fire Chief Dad's footsteps.  The guy that was going to be his best friend's best man at his upcoming wedding.  Try to watch this video clip.  Honor them for just a moment.  

Because there were NINETEEN.  And EACH one deserves a moment of respect.  

So there's my rant.  
It just hit me sideways the way some things do.  

Thank you to ALL the firefighters who are working to keep others safe.  Whether it is your summer job while in college, life time chosen career path, your first season, or your 23rd.  Thank you.