Monday, June 24, 2013

Pool Days

We love Summer.
We love the pool.
I love the cheesy smiles. 


  1. Knock. Knock.
    Who's there?
    Summer who?
    Summer hot and summer cold.
    Summer young and summer old.

    That's a whole lot of cheese going on at the pool. Just about a week and the summer old will come enjoy the summer young. Can't wait!

  2. Holy moly your boys are getting big! Don't you love summer?! Cedar put in a man made lake/reservoir or whatever you want to call it right next to the aquatic center complete with a sandy beach and everything. We love it! It entertains the kiddos for hours and I love it cause they're not at home making more messes for me to clean up and by the time we leave they are so worn out they fall asleep in the car. It's great! Wish you were here so we could go together. Hope you're having a fabulous summer!