Friday, June 28, 2013

My Hero

As a dad, when you have little kids, it is very gratifying. In there eyes you are the strongest thing in the world. There is nothing you cannot accomplish. You can pick them up in the air, throw them up (eww!), etc. This has been a great perk of being a dad; however, I knew at some point this would wain and disappear. Sadly, because of them watching The Avengers (animated series available on Netflix), that time has come to an end. Despite me trying to convince them otherwise, they now know that “in real life” The Incredible Hulk would be stronger than their dear old dad. Sigh.

The real kicker is, that they don't realize who the real Super Hero is, because her disguise is so great. She is also so close to them, that they can observe and learn from her daily. How lucky are they? She does have super powers and they are listed here:
  • Energon\Arc Reactor: No other way she has the energy to keep up with all she does.
  • Super Strength: Used to wrangle three boys, as well as to carry wet laundry and haul boxes (including unpacking and organizing the contents).
  • Super Intelligence: Comes up with ways to keep boys from being “bored.” Also comes up with schemes to help them do chores, take naps (I mean “quite time).
  • Super Creativity: Related to the Super Intelligence, but also used to scheme up all kinds of other things, zoo shirts being just one of many.
  • Super Vision: She somehow can see through walls and know when the boys are up to no good.
  • Super Hearing: She knows when they are not napping (or having quite time), even when she is attempting to do the same.
  • Super Smelling: No this is not super stinking, that would be different all together. This helps to locate poopy diapers, dirty toilets and other such undesirables.
  • Super Comforting: Very useful for bumps, scrapes, and other boo-boos and makes it where nobody else's non-Super Comforting is near enough. Also useful for relieving stress in significant others.
  • Super Snuggling: This helps with previously mentioned super power.
  • Super Frugality: Allows us to live off limited budgets, in order to accomplish other mutual goals.
  • Super Sexiness: I'll leave this one blank. Oh wait, I typed something, so I guess it isn't blank.
  • Super Fun: Makes this super hero enjoyable to be around, and makes me look forward to the future.
As most of you probably guessed, this is person is Maggie. Most don't know her super hero name though, and it is too long to write here (and much too difficult to spell), but it starts with a “Schn”. Here's kudos for her, for all she does to make our relationship and our family successful.

I love you Maggie. You are my Super Hero.


  1. Awwww. This is a sweet hijacking for a very deserving woman. You two are a Dynamic Duo. Love ya both so very much.

  2. Super hero... I knew it! And this is totally awesome. Thanks for revealing her secret identity. :)