Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bees walking on knees

Last time I wrote a bit about all the loveliness of Summer.  

Does anyone else suffer from allergies? 

It kind of puts a damper on everything else.  I have good days and bad days.  The last couple have been doozies and I am either cotton headed from the allergies or doped up on various allergy medications.  (Various because one works better but makes me pretty loopy the other seems to have a delayed loopy reaction) I've tried everything.  The only thing I remember (but remember loopy? it makes memory difficult too) is that Chlor Trimeton works.... but I can't find it.  Apparently it's not as popular.  I feel like I spend a fortune in allergy meds because I waste time and money on ones that just make me drowsy (read: make me fall asleep 30 minutes after taking them).  Really I'm just complaining because I have nothing else to blog about in my cotton-headed-state.  Sean commented the other day that he associates me and summer with cotton-headed fuzzy and/or drowsy drugged.  Sad. I'll find something that works.  But in the meantime, 
"Stand back!" said the elephant, "I'm going to sneeze!"

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  1. "Oh no, oh no!" Cried the buffulo.
    "You're so big and strong And your trunk is so long, Your sneezes send everyone flying along, Bumping and thumping down pathway and trail, Bouncing and jouncing head over tail, Tumbling and bumbling...Your sneeze is a gale...Or a hurricane! I hate to complain, But PLEASE, don't sneeze!"

    Dr. Mom is on the case. I'll see if I can import some Chlortrimeton. Gesundheit!