Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Red Dirt and lots of it!

Small town life.

Con: Stores close at 8 or 9 or 6pm. Shop early. 
Pro: This means you're forced to get everything done and then can have actual FAMILY time. 

Con: Middle of "no-where".
Pro: Within a couple hours of Arches, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Canyonlands, Natural Bridges and other NATURAL wonders.

Con: Less People. 
Pro: You find a few good friends and ya stick with 'em.  Also traffic? What's that? 

Con: One stop light.
Pro: Out of town-ers mistake it for an actual stoplight instead of a blinking red.  Nobody knows when to go. Thus providing a good laugh.  Unless you're from here- in which case you grumble about "tourists" and "it's a 4-way stop buddy".  But I still think of myself as a transplant and thus smile when they're stuck waiting for a green light that will never come.  

While coming home from taking Ian to school this morning I was thinking about how much of living in a more populous area doesn't mean you actually know more people- generally we know people based on where our kids go to school and what activities they're involved in- at least that's how I know people.  Usually.  Here we have one elementary school, one middle school and one high school.  And you know the people in your district because you go to work with them and go to church with them and see them at the grocery store.  Given- there is a lack of choice (home school or public school) but I don't think it's all that bad.  And living "in the big city" (read: more than 20,000 people) you have access to more shopping options, more entertainment options and more places, in general, to spend money.  Here, we have less easy options to spend money.  Usually we have to make our own fun.  Though we are getting our first ever bowling alley and are all pretty excited about it. So make our own fun we do. Like yesterday.  Sean had the day off of work for Navajo Nation Sovereignty Day.  I thought we'd go to a National park since this week is National Park week and we're so close.  (It also means FREE this week and free is good.)  But instead we worked together at our house. 

We have no end to projects at our house. No really, I'm pretty sure they'll NEVER END! Gearing up for summer there's talk of gardens and yards and water (because we're in a drought and NEED water badly-praying, fasting, hoping for it.)  Our yard is.... large. But also very sad.  It's been neglected and abused and used as a dump for the last seven years.  Thus our biggest job right now is CLEAN UP.  People often comment on how nice our yard is looking and I think, "But all we did was spend an afternoon cleaning up garbage." Yet that's how big the impact is.  I don't think our ground will grow anything but weeds.  And red ants.  We have oodles of them.  But there are no worms.  Just red dirt and alfalfa where grass is supposed to be (though we won't be putting in much grass- remember desert?) So we mow the alfalfa and pretend we have grass (though I think I'm MORE allergic to alfalfa than grass- and that's saying something.) Back to all this talk of gardens.  I feel like we need to try and grow something.  Self-sustaining. Kid teaching.  Good things gardening teaches us (as Master Yoda would say). Purpose. Direction.  But I don't grow things well.  Sean does.  Which is why I'm glad he's part of this whole operation.  And our yard is icky.  I wanted to CONTAIN the garden so it doesn't get overwhelming and so it might actually stand a chance.  After much discussing we decided on making a box in which to grow our salsa garden (because that's our favorite thing about summer).  Sean made the box out of remaining lumber.  we put a crappy sheet down to allow for drainage but also to block weeds out- no buying the fancy stuff for us (it's an experiment of sorts- to see if buying the fancy black fabric stuff matters or if we can do the same thing with regular ol' fabric I have on hand.) Then the dirt.  Oh my the dirt.  We have to shovel it from what will eventually be the lower terrace and wheelbarrow it over to the box.  It's maybe a quarter to a third full. (the rocks are to help the gaps-because the ground is not level yet) But we had good help.  See?

The handprints are butterflies...sorta.

We'll be busy the rest of the week filling it with dirt. 

All in all a good day off from the office I'd say. 


  1. fun fun! I am sure hoping for a place to plant a garden this year. really hoping it is where I live even if its just a small garden. good luck!

  2. Handprint butterflies! What a great way to signal pollinators to come to your garden. I love your beautiful box of dirt and your homemade fun and your handsome helpers. National parks aren't going anywhere while you find fun at home, and this seems a way to spend the day that especially the sovereign Navajos would approve. Yay for sovereignty!

  3. Yes please come visit me. I promise you can even come to the house this time. And you could stay the night, and we could put boys outside in a tent. And you can have the spare room. Yeah!