Monday, April 29, 2013

Airplanes and Tutus

We go together like.....

...Peanut Butter and Jelly.
...Fries and a Frosty.
...Bert and Ernie.
...Airplanes and tutus.

Did that last one throw you off? Sorry.  Life of an almost 4 year old deems that airplanes and tutus do in fact belong together.  So much so that he freaks out if is airplane is missing its tutu.  It all began rather innocently. We're trying to teach the kids about money by giving them an allowance.  They pay a %10 tithe and then the rest they can spend how they choose (though Mommy tries to talk them out of buying goodies with them because Mommy already buys/makes too many goodies as it is). So what do they set their hearts on? Toys of course.  Because they don't have too many of those yet.... We were at our "local" (local being the next town over) secondhand store a few weeks ago and the boys were insistent that they NEEDED to spend their allowance.  So I let them.  They fought over who got the train.  Ian did because he really did see it and claim it first.  Then Landon was left to choose something ELSE.  And he found a stuffed airplane.  He loves it and now sleeps with it. 

Fast forward to a little over a week ago.  I ordered some tulle for my sister in law's wedding this summer. I offered to make outfits for the nieces and nephews if she desired and she found what she wanted me to make. For the little girls she requested something akin to THIS .  So I set out on a rather large and daunting task.  I've never made a tutu before.  Or a tutu dress.  I ordered the tulle from (I love And then it came in the mail.  Mail days are like Christmas.  CRAFTY mail days are especially awesome. Whip out the tulle.  Check my supplies for elastic.  Dang. One piece left about 10 or 12 inches.  Not enough to make a mockup.  But enough for a bear tutu.  Red and white with yellow ribbon around the top.  (A picture here would be lovely wouldn't it?  The problem with upgrading to a sleeker smaller camera is that I often can't find it.) Ian graciously let me put it on Teddy (his beloved bear) and I even added a bow to his ear.  Very chic. Very cute.  When Teddy is dressed up in his tutu ensemble he is to be called "Cutie" not Teddy.  I was informed.  In walks little brother.  Green with envy.  HIS bear did not have a tutu.  Well Teddy was done with the tutu after a day or so.  Remember the allowance money stuffed airplane?  It now proudly wears the tutu and is no longer complete with out it.  At least the airplane is ok with still being called Airplane.  

Funny things Landon says (who will be 4 in just under 4 weeks, oh my!):

"I'm taking my Turkey and my Airplane to bed with me."  (and now you can envision the WHOLE picture- complete with tutu.  
"Three for Partycakes."  What's partycakes?  I don't know but apparently three of us are waiting for them.  
"We don't have Mop." Meaning he wants to mop.  Why? Why not?

(those last two were just while I was typing). 

And to those of you still reading: I leave you with a treat, a la Blackmail: 

I got my mockup dress done with the help of my fantastic model. 
 I hope he's not scarred about this later. 
And yes- it's a little too long. It'll get a trim soon. 



  1. ha ha ha that photo is hillarious!

  2. He looks beautiful in blue tulle with ribbons. I'm quite certain Airplane does, too. The cheese-face and Alfalfa hair add a certain panache to this custom ensemble. My hat's off to creativity and cooperation any where you find it. Mwah! Kisses to you all.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love everything about this. And I bet Grandpa Wittwer would be so proud of his thrift store selection.

  4. That photo should totally come out at his wedding! or at least first date. :)