Monday, March 4, 2013


Sunshine: that dries the laundry, soothes the soul and brings with it hope of brighter days and longer hours.  

Children who still want me to hold them and read with them and enjoy life with them.  We had some "Mommy time" in the last weeks spent painting and creating and enjoying.  It was lovely. 

My baby who is still ok with being called my baby, despite his intense need for independence.  

A dear sweetheart who spontaneously tells me often that I'm wonderful. 

Music: singing with the church choir speaks so deeply to me and I am grateful for our great director who gives countless hours and challenges us with music that is amazing and difficult.  

Color: to be blind would be an awful loss in my mind. 

A month that brings family and celebrations of milestones.  

When I was having a difficult time with homesickness working 2000 miles from home, a dear friend told me to count my blessings, find 3 things every day to be grateful for.  So here are 6 for a Monday that I wish all of the laundry was magically folded and put away and a cold Dr. Pepper in hand and green grass to lay out on in the lovely sunshine.  As it is I'll take what I can get: A cold water bottle, a pile of laundry and Netflix (Psych!) And sleeping kids for about 10 more minutes.