Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Oh, good. It's just snot."

"Oh, good. It's just snot." -Said by The hubster this evening while getting the kids ready for bed. 

The alternative was icky and not snot. (Though snot is in itself plenty icky- not near as bad on the scale.) Thanks Sean. 

Spilled beverages today:  3- 2 of which were milk--one of which I indeed cried over, despite the saying in my head not to. 

Frozen shirts on the line yesterday: 4--that was when I decided that it was indeed too cold to hang clothes outside despite the sunshine.  Today fared much better for drying.

Head colds: 2- Charlie and Me (and hopefully not my madre anymore- feeling better yet, Mom?)

Boxes of books unpacked: 7.  I loved opening every one of them and seeing old friends. 

Nails almost ripped from flesh while getting 7 boxes of books: 3.  I had lovely, oh -so- pretty gel nails for my sister-in-law's wedding two weeks ago.  Now they are just long and dangerous.  So I clipped them and feel much better. (Though the injured ones are still tender- thanksforaskingthatssosweetofyou.) 

Number of working ovens: 1 (PRAISE BUDDAH!) 

Cookies the kids ate fresh from the oven: 5 maybe 6. Hubster: 2 or 3.  Me: Ugh.....waaaayyy too many.  And that's without the scrumptious dough to account for.  

It's been kind of a rough week. Highs and Lows. But the Lows seem so much more prominet.  I'm ready for Spring- heck- let's follow California's lead and do a week of spring and move right on into summer.  I even painted my toe nails.  

March 20th is the Vernal Equinox- first official day of spring.  I love to celebrate UNbirthdays- Hey Mother Earth, why don't we celebrate just a little early this year, eh?  

Here's to pizza night! (Which we can now have thanks to our WORKING oven.)


  1. ugh I know how you feel I am really tiring of winter. and I ate waaaayyy to many cookies this week lol. yay for a working oven. sounds like you could us a good massage or bath with serenity!

    1. I'd be grateful for a bath with no interruptions :) And a massage- mmmm sounds like a dream.

      And I know the whole of the post was a downer but I sure am grateful for the SUNSHINE.

      And you know how when you're trying to do things right everything comes at you? Yeah- I think that's a bit of what's up. I did get two shelves in my craft room organized :)

  2. Yay for the oven. Yay for (almost?) spring!

  3. I am doing a summer countdown over here. You should join me. Why do they even have the three other seasons when summer is so awesome?!

    I am excited for you and your oven. And your cookies. Sunday at my house is not Sunday without cookies from the oven. Is it that way for you, too? And that's usually how I break in a new house - especially when we move for the summer - I make a boatload of cookies. I MIGHT be a comfort eater.

    And sorry your clothes froze. That is THE PITS.