Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Oh, good. It's just snot."

"Oh, good. It's just snot." -Said by The hubster this evening while getting the kids ready for bed. 

The alternative was icky and not snot. (Though snot is in itself plenty icky- not near as bad on the scale.) Thanks Sean. 

Spilled beverages today:  3- 2 of which were milk--one of which I indeed cried over, despite the saying in my head not to. 

Frozen shirts on the line yesterday: 4--that was when I decided that it was indeed too cold to hang clothes outside despite the sunshine.  Today fared much better for drying.

Head colds: 2- Charlie and Me (and hopefully not my madre anymore- feeling better yet, Mom?)

Boxes of books unpacked: 7.  I loved opening every one of them and seeing old friends. 

Nails almost ripped from flesh while getting 7 boxes of books: 3.  I had lovely, oh -so- pretty gel nails for my sister-in-law's wedding two weeks ago.  Now they are just long and dangerous.  So I clipped them and feel much better. (Though the injured ones are still tender- thanksforaskingthatssosweetofyou.) 

Number of working ovens: 1 (PRAISE BUDDAH!) 

Cookies the kids ate fresh from the oven: 5 maybe 6. Hubster: 2 or 3.  Me: Ugh.....waaaayyy too many.  And that's without the scrumptious dough to account for.  

It's been kind of a rough week. Highs and Lows. But the Lows seem so much more prominet.  I'm ready for Spring- heck- let's follow California's lead and do a week of spring and move right on into summer.  I even painted my toe nails.  

March 20th is the Vernal Equinox- first official day of spring.  I love to celebrate UNbirthdays- Hey Mother Earth, why don't we celebrate just a little early this year, eh?  

Here's to pizza night! (Which we can now have thanks to our WORKING oven.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Of holidays and homes

Walking home from taking the middle child to preschool I felt the need to blog.  Wee #3 is napping and I get to Click, Clack, Moo for a minute.  I gave up soda for Lent. Wouldn't be a big deal if I weren't so addicted to it (which is kind of the point).  So I'm going through withdraws;  though  my caffeine withdraws are over so now it's just the pining for forbidden not-so-fruits.  Occasionally I get grumpy.  Don't let Sean tell you that it happens to be more than "occasionally".  He's lying.  I wore my "Drink Dr. Pepper" shirt the other day because then *I* couldn't see the sign :) I'm a rebel.  Giving up something for Lent is not common among my religion but I think it is a good practice to go without for a time to grow in appreciation.  For many things in life not just soda. (Because we all know soda is so good for our bodies that going without it really shouldn't be a sacrifice--and yet the idea is to give our weak things to the Lord and He will make us strong....right?)

Which brings me back to our house.

"If you are willing to make the sacrifice it will be worth it."

Hm. Well. Our home is making progress.  We've had a busy couple of weeks.  Boxes to unpack (which I think takes about a full decade), children and self to clean up after, my sister-in-law's wedding to prepare for.  Though I don't have pictures for you of any of it.  My poor camera is stuck with it's lens out (how embarrassing!) because the battery is dead dead and I can't find the cord to charge it anywhere. Again, the joys of moving (though I often lose cords anyway).  So you're stuck with my meandering words for now.  (Hey, you're the one still reading....)  We (and by we I should clarify-mostly Sean) got the dining room light up AND running.  Doesn't sound like much unless you know how hard it is to figure out 3way or 4way (I don't remember which it is) switches.  Meaning the light can be turned on or off by any of three switches Back door, side door and by the french doors.  Tricky business.  Wires were re-pulled.  Brows were furrowed in frustration.  And then the epiphany came and lo and behold it worked!  YAY! (Thanks Babe!) So now for lights we just need to do the hallway sconces, pantry and laundry room and we should be good to go- oh and the front porch but we don't have a fixture for that yet.  Curtain rods are purchased and lying next to me waiting to be put up in the craft room.  I'll be sad to see the stapled sheets go but it's time.  My sewing machine and serger are now out and ready for use at any given moment. I'm in love with my sewing desk and I'm not ashamed of it.  I think it loves me back.  The craft room has a floor again- which is more than I can say for the living room.  I keep trying to get boxes OUT of there and I think they sense their demise because the boxes are breeding like rabbits (only when no one is looking thank goodness. I'm not ready for THAT discussion with the kids...) We have a phone again which is nice.  Oh and chain pulls for the fans- I'm kind of jazzed about them.  The dining room has a crystal one (which I had as a kid so it makes me all weird sentimental) and our room has ugly plain brown pulls which will perhaps get painted someday.

None of this was exciting to YOU but progress is exciting to us and I'm thrilled that each little thing that gets done is one more step behind us.

Hope you all had a lovely President's Day Weekend.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Magical Mystery Tour

So I've been holding off on showing pictures of our house until we're more settled in.  As in CLEANED UP. But that may be a while.  I know a few people who want to see it in all it's "glory".  We are in fact living here.  Which explains the mess.  (I know I should be cleaning instead of blogging but I have all day to do that and the boychild is napping...) Also after listening to "Gifts of Imperfection" (audio book) I've decided to show you the REAL thing.  I did make my bed before taking pictures. But that's it.  Here she is, with no further ado (and still no name) OUR HOUSE: 

When you first walk in you will see this: Our living room. Conduit on the ceiling means our house won't burn down from crazy old wiring. 

Looking back to the front door now.  (All of the decorations on the mantel are so I can see them all and take stock of what I want where.) 

(Still standing at the door) to your left we have the craft/play/catchall room.  Hopefully I'll muster some courage and inspiration to bring it together. 

Now through the french doors in front of you to the dining/kitchen/greatroom. 

Here's my beautiful china hutch that for now hold our plastic ware and Sean's horn from Brazil. And hides behind boxes.   

 It is still strange to get rid of the boxes because we are never moving again....(here's the back door). 

 Future laundry room and pantry currently the home of "stuff-that-doesn't-belong-to-us" and building materials. Some day the washer and dryer will live under the window.  Hopefully by our anniversary.  Do-able goal I think. 

Boys' room. Complete with sleeping boy.  He didn't mind the flash and is still sawing logs.  He doesn't like his toddler bed for nap time however and I'm clearly not adjusting to that.  

Three toddler beds and a submarine/fort on the left.

Now down the hall we have the bathroom. Which doesn't have any towel racks yet so we have our sad excuse for a drying rack to suffice.

 The rug is my favorite! Pop of color- won't go with the rainbow scheme but when we get to that part it'll move to my craft room. 

 Vanity has a full length mirror...for now.  Keepin' it real folks. 

 And now we move on to the Master bedroom. 

 The robot picture is one a friend of mine made and I stinkin' love it. There will eventually be a quote near it---Sing it with me now: "Man I love technology. But not as much as you, you see. But still I love technology. Always and forever." Thanks Kip. 

 Our bed and closet on the right. No it is not 3am- the clock got unplugged and I never fixed it. 

And here are some of the occupants. 
("You're killin' me smalls!") 

Weird and Wacky Wednesday. Jammies and crazy hair. 

There you have it. Home sweet home.  

Come visit. 

We'll move some of the boxes for you. 

Love to you all. Hope to see you soon.
Now back to unpacking.