Friday, January 4, 2013

Thoughts on "home"

I want our home to feel peaceful and to be a safe haven, where my kids, husband and I can walk in the door and sigh relief. We made it, we're safe.  From judgement, from bullies, from criticism, from harm, from negative thinking, from the elements.  Trying to wrap my brain around this idea- because it is really quite broad.  There's the physical aspect, clean home=happy home.  Those who know me, know I struggle with this.  (I also believe mess=life and I'm not about to banish living).  There's the emotional safety aspect.  The acceptance and unconditional love and expressions of love.  There's feng shui.  Which I feel is its own post.  I'm not about to change everything but a balance would be nice.  I'd love to sort all of my belongings BEFORE we move them into the house and say only things that are worthy to be there will be and get rid of all the other draining things, but I don't think that's how it's going to work.  

With the dawning of a new year, new phase of life I get the urge to start over.  Fresh palate.  I find that I don't actually DO well with a clean palate- I need something to work with. Do I like it?  Do I dislike it?  Does it speak to me in some way but is just kind of off and would be better to be replaced by something better, more suitable?  So my first step is to accept where I am and use what I have to decide what I want.  Capiche? 

So until tomorrow. Or another day. 

I also want to see what YOU think about home. What do you do to make your home safe and/or peaceful?


  1. As Head Homemaker you arrange the space to be most pleasing to you. If you love home it will spill over and the others who escape to school and work will feel safe and peaceful when they are with you in your Happy Place. I love my square white plates and my rainbow arranged bookshelves. Sister says the books in color order would drive her crazy, but she doesn't live with them. I do.

    I have more ideas but not sure how much a comment box will hold, so I'll email the rest.

  2. My favorite time of day is right before dinner, when the blinds are being pulled and my boys are home and we're cocooned from the world.

  3. I have to say that as challenging as it is, having a clean home makes me feel really comfortable and happy. I LOVE when things are decluttered and organized. But I also have four children and we LIVE in our home, so...

    One thing that I want to work on is feeling LOVE in our home. Less bickering, less stress. You know, in the cottage there is JOY... ha ha.

  4. I totally get the "need something to work with" thing. Clean slates, or empty rooms kind of overwhelm me.

    My favorite time is when the Ben is all bathed and in his pjs, dinner is cleaned up and only a few lights are on in the house. It's a cozy comfortable peaceful feeling. Too bad it's so brief!

  5. hmm...really its something I am lacking but striving for. oh for a home....that is what we are hoping to find soon too :) but really home is where you live. when you come up with some bright light shining ideas let me know. the light of christ is what makes a house a loving home