Sunday, January 27, 2013


We made it.

We're home.


It's not perfect and is still certainly a mess of boxes, but we moved into our house last week.


Feels so good.

I do feel a bit of pressure to get pictures up but I'm ignoring that for now and focusing on LIFE and LIVING and what does that all MEAN anyway?

It's so nice to be in our own space and to circle the wagons and simply BE together.

Part of my goal in my theme of HOME is coming to fruition.  The first bit was to be in our own home.  Now we are.  It's so nice to actually make it to our goal of moving in by the end of January.

What are we lacking still? Well, a stove for starters (hopefully to be connected this Friday) and kitchen cabinets.  Though we did just get our beautiful china hutch out of storage so we have a place to put our dishes and plethora of sippy cups.  Classy.  But it works AND it is a beautiful peace of furniture.  I get such pleasure from it.  Isn't that silly?  We bought it sometime last summer but it's been in storage until yesterday.  AND we got our bed out of storage which was lovely.  I slept so well last night! We've been in since Tuesday and were just roughing it on the sofa-bed.  As far as hide-a-beds go, it was pretty nice.  No giant bar in your back like the one we used to have growing up.  Certainly better than an air mattress, which I have a difficult time getting comfortable on.  We didn't have a light in the dining room and were just using a halogen work light until Sean brilliantly decided he could hook up our task lighting with a different fixture.  It'll make more sense when I have a picture to show you, but trust me, it is a stroke of pure genius. Lots of projects waiting to be done; trim in the bathroom, drywall on the south wall, mud everywhere, dining room light and kitchen light, shower tile, laundry room electrical, clean, organize and find our decorations in storage.  The list goes on.

But we're home.

And we're together.

And for now, that is ENOUGH.    


  1. So I was curious how is the getting clean going? if you just have raw drywall in the bathroom..... glad to hear you have some furniture and your bed!

    1. The bathroom is mudded and painted so it is sealed- only the shower concrete backerboard isn't (but it's concrete and will be just fine with a few splashes).So for a while it's just baths until I get the tile done.

  2. Your very own place in all the world. The finishing and refining take a lifetime. Enjoy the journey. Welcome home.

  3. Yay! So can't wait for pictures and soooo happy that you get to be you, and together, and no extras. And double yay for your own bed. :)

  4. Hooray! Congratulations. I bet it feels so great even when surrounded by moving boxes!

  5. I can't tell you how happy I am for you! Yay!