Monday, January 7, 2013

Boys- a whole lotta them

Flash back: Beginning of December. Tree-for-all craft fair. Santa. 1.5 hours later.  We finally got to see him. 
 This was last week: The boys in their "car" (It's my not-a-box)

 Chuck riding his hog to pick up chicks.  
 Wee #3
 Middle Billy Goat Gruff
 And Primus- with a split open chin.  We decided that stitches would be fun for christmas break---except I held it together long enough he only needed fancy dr superglue. (Which in my opinion doesn't sting like regular superglue but that and the pricetag are probably the only differences)

Now chin boy is healing nicely and at school while the other two help daddy at the house.  

Bathroom pictures forthcoming. Stay tuned.  


  1. yes keep us updated on progress this week!

    1. Will do- I actually have bathroom pictures on my computer waiting to be uploaded right now. :) Other than that I don't think much will LOOK different at the end of the week. Wiring=lights and plugs, maybe we'll have a stove. We got our microwave out of storage and had lunch at the house today- it was lovely.

  2. The "not a box" portraits captures their individuality rather perfectly, yes? LOVE the longish hair. Suggestion for simplified life: one haircut per year when the hot season arrives. Buzz it then and LET IT GROW the rest of the year (*LET IT GROW* sung dramatically as Jean Valjean "Bring Him Home" -- Les Mis haunts me since we saw the film New Years Day *sigh*).

    1. Can I just say that I'm super jealous- I so badly want to see Les Mis in the theatre with all it's loud glory (one of the few times I'd like the volume of the theatre)- And I am mostly liking their hair long EXCEPT- Landon likes "spikey" hair and that is difficult to do with it long. With gel at least and I haven't wanted to get extra gunky hair glue because of the twice a week bathing schedule (when we're lucky). But for now we're sticking with it- but I can't promise it will stay for Trish's wedding. We'll see if we can get it manageable or if he'll agree to "handsome" hair for the wedding.