Monday, January 7, 2013

All things Bathroom and Chandelier

Lookie- this is the chandelier that was in the dining room. It now lives in the living room. There's even power going to it.   And light bulbs. (I should get an updated picture sometime soon.)

Here's the kitchen and dining room.

View of the kitchen.  It's a bit cramped now while we don't have proper cabinets- but that's ok. Sink will be on the left. 

Laundry room and where the ladder is, the pantry. 

There's a hole above the fridge that will eventually have plexiglass over it for natural light. I can't reach any cabinets over the fridge anyway so I'd prefer to have light.  There won't be much. But different anyhow. 

Window from the laundry room. 

Charlie helping in his room. 

Boys' room with the wall enclosed now- so much cozier. 

Bathroom primed. 

The boys watching a movie while Mommy paints.  
Bunny hat and cheese face.

Measuring up. 
Cutting in the edges. 

LOOK! It's in OUR house not the showroom!! And the walls are blue (the flash washes it out). "Pool Party" is the color. 

Check it out! The toilet not only works but has been upgraded to dual flush. 

And that door. Oh my.  I'm in the process of painting it but first working on removing a few more layers before getting the primer on it. Underneath was a DARKER purple...if you can believe it.  I imagine it was too dark for the wee bathroom that had no natural light.  Led to middle of the night bumping.  


  1. Oh man. You weren't kidding about that door. And I love your chandelier! It's all looking pretty good!

  2. Look! It's starting to take house shape! ;)

  3. I love the window above the fridge! Wow, awesome idea. More light is always good.

    I can't believe how big your boys look, especially Charlie.

    I love your windows :) It's fun to see everything coming along.

  4. wow! I like it lots! looks awesome. beautiful vanity!!! are you so so excited?

  5. keep waiting for an update :)

    1. I was pretty sick from Wednesday on last week and am still recovering. I don't have any new pictures and there's not a whole lot that is picture worthy except the kitchen floor and maybe the bathroom door (that was left primed but unfinished due to me being ill). Soon Soon. The goal this week is to clean up (a never ending chore when remodeling) and HOPEFULLY get everything out of the way so we can maybe start moving furniture in. And phone line- I think Sean is itching to have internet there...silly boy :)