Monday, January 28, 2013

Quiet time.

With ten minutes left on the nap/quiet time timer I find myself with little desire to do anything other than blog, connect, speak to those not 5 or under.  The baby is crying.  I had to trap him in the Pack-n-Play because he kept getting out of his new toddler bed and whacking his eldest brother who was trying desperately to do what was asked of him.  The middle one is on my bed, also due to the Menace and his fondness for head whacking. But now he's up saying he needs to go potty.  He knows that's a loophole because he's wearing undies.  I'd love to drown my sorrows in chocolate but the ever-present middle chub says, "lay off it".  Motherhood is not for the faint of heart.  

I was trying to read in Mitten Strings for God by Katrina Kenison but found myself frustrated because it is so hard to read about the importance of peace and quiet and play when the natives are restless.  The part I'm at now she speaks of simplicity.  Now that I get.  As I'm going through box after box after box of clothes I realize I may have overcompensated and acquired far more clothing than is necessary.  Silly me.  Time to weed out---well, not today of course because I'm still trying to figure out what I want and what I can let go of and where it all needs to go in our house.  Here's a quote that I rather like: 
It takes conviction to say, "This is enough"--whether it be enough holiday events, enough guests at a party, enough presents, or simply enough activities for next Saturday.  And it is hard to feel confidence in our own choices, in our own sense of limits, when everyone around us seems convinced that more is bigger and better.  
Part of growing up in today's world is facing this every day when the world, inner demons, the Jones's say that what we have, who we are, and what we do is never ENOUGH.  Says who? I need to remember *I* am the one who decides what is ENOUGH for me.  And frankly for most of the material things I think we have MORE than enough.  (Which is to say too much.) 

And now the timer is going off.  Back to the Island of Sodor, or wherever it is the kids are pretending they are with their trains.  

Sunday, January 27, 2013


We made it.

We're home.


It's not perfect and is still certainly a mess of boxes, but we moved into our house last week.


Feels so good.

I do feel a bit of pressure to get pictures up but I'm ignoring that for now and focusing on LIFE and LIVING and what does that all MEAN anyway?

It's so nice to be in our own space and to circle the wagons and simply BE together.

Part of my goal in my theme of HOME is coming to fruition.  The first bit was to be in our own home.  Now we are.  It's so nice to actually make it to our goal of moving in by the end of January.

What are we lacking still? Well, a stove for starters (hopefully to be connected this Friday) and kitchen cabinets.  Though we did just get our beautiful china hutch out of storage so we have a place to put our dishes and plethora of sippy cups.  Classy.  But it works AND it is a beautiful peace of furniture.  I get such pleasure from it.  Isn't that silly?  We bought it sometime last summer but it's been in storage until yesterday.  AND we got our bed out of storage which was lovely.  I slept so well last night! We've been in since Tuesday and were just roughing it on the sofa-bed.  As far as hide-a-beds go, it was pretty nice.  No giant bar in your back like the one we used to have growing up.  Certainly better than an air mattress, which I have a difficult time getting comfortable on.  We didn't have a light in the dining room and were just using a halogen work light until Sean brilliantly decided he could hook up our task lighting with a different fixture.  It'll make more sense when I have a picture to show you, but trust me, it is a stroke of pure genius. Lots of projects waiting to be done; trim in the bathroom, drywall on the south wall, mud everywhere, dining room light and kitchen light, shower tile, laundry room electrical, clean, organize and find our decorations in storage.  The list goes on.

But we're home.

And we're together.

And for now, that is ENOUGH.    

Monday, January 7, 2013

All things Bathroom and Chandelier

Lookie- this is the chandelier that was in the dining room. It now lives in the living room. There's even power going to it.   And light bulbs. (I should get an updated picture sometime soon.)

Here's the kitchen and dining room.

View of the kitchen.  It's a bit cramped now while we don't have proper cabinets- but that's ok. Sink will be on the left. 

Laundry room and where the ladder is, the pantry. 

There's a hole above the fridge that will eventually have plexiglass over it for natural light. I can't reach any cabinets over the fridge anyway so I'd prefer to have light.  There won't be much. But different anyhow. 

Window from the laundry room. 

Charlie helping in his room. 

Boys' room with the wall enclosed now- so much cozier. 

Bathroom primed. 

The boys watching a movie while Mommy paints.  
Bunny hat and cheese face.

Measuring up. 
Cutting in the edges. 

LOOK! It's in OUR house not the showroom!! And the walls are blue (the flash washes it out). "Pool Party" is the color. 

Check it out! The toilet not only works but has been upgraded to dual flush. 

And that door. Oh my.  I'm in the process of painting it but first working on removing a few more layers before getting the primer on it. Underneath was a DARKER purple...if you can believe it.  I imagine it was too dark for the wee bathroom that had no natural light.  Led to middle of the night bumping.  

Boys- a whole lotta them

Flash back: Beginning of December. Tree-for-all craft fair. Santa. 1.5 hours later.  We finally got to see him. 
 This was last week: The boys in their "car" (It's my not-a-box)

 Chuck riding his hog to pick up chicks.  
 Wee #3
 Middle Billy Goat Gruff
 And Primus- with a split open chin.  We decided that stitches would be fun for christmas break---except I held it together long enough he only needed fancy dr superglue. (Which in my opinion doesn't sting like regular superglue but that and the pricetag are probably the only differences)

Now chin boy is healing nicely and at school while the other two help daddy at the house.  

Bathroom pictures forthcoming. Stay tuned.  

Friday, January 4, 2013

Thoughts on "home"

I want our home to feel peaceful and to be a safe haven, where my kids, husband and I can walk in the door and sigh relief. We made it, we're safe.  From judgement, from bullies, from criticism, from harm, from negative thinking, from the elements.  Trying to wrap my brain around this idea- because it is really quite broad.  There's the physical aspect, clean home=happy home.  Those who know me, know I struggle with this.  (I also believe mess=life and I'm not about to banish living).  There's the emotional safety aspect.  The acceptance and unconditional love and expressions of love.  There's feng shui.  Which I feel is its own post.  I'm not about to change everything but a balance would be nice.  I'd love to sort all of my belongings BEFORE we move them into the house and say only things that are worthy to be there will be and get rid of all the other draining things, but I don't think that's how it's going to work.  

With the dawning of a new year, new phase of life I get the urge to start over.  Fresh palate.  I find that I don't actually DO well with a clean palate- I need something to work with. Do I like it?  Do I dislike it?  Does it speak to me in some way but is just kind of off and would be better to be replaced by something better, more suitable?  So my first step is to accept where I am and use what I have to decide what I want.  Capiche? 

So until tomorrow. Or another day. 

I also want to see what YOU think about home. What do you do to make your home safe and/or peaceful?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Word of the year

In following the lead of some wise friends: I'm going with a one word, over arching theme, for my resolution this year.  

And the word is....

wait for it....


Because it seems to have been so much on my mind recently and I feel it is highly appropriate given we will (cross your fingers and toes and eyes) be moving into our house by the end of the month. My job title as wife and mother lends itself nicely to this theme. I've been thinking a lot about my home that I came from the the home that I long to have and the atmosphere I'd like to have. So I don't know the specifics of how this will manifest itself but that is my goal: to focus on all things HOME.