Monday, December 31, 2012

The year of the House.

I had inadequate words all typed up and ready to go.  Then I changed my mind.

Here's what 2012 brought us: 
And hopefully a place to live in 2013. 

(Sorry they are out of order. I downloaded them from FB and this is the order it gave me- I'll save organizing them and cropping and before/after shots for another day)

Exterior while the porch was torn apart. Monster bush on the left was eating the rafters. The pile of rotten wood on the right is the previous porch. Sadly the pillars had to go. Someday I'd like to bring them back but we couldn't afford to right now. 

Finished bathroom floor tile.

1st row bathroom floor tile.

Nasty carpet that was torn out- I think this was our room. 

Bathroom sans subfloor- the bucket is covering the sewage pipe. 

Master bedroom sans carpet. (Currently filled with building materials.)

North East corner of the house and  carport (Carport beams have been braced so hopefully it won't collapse while covered in snow.)

Original bathroom mid demo. Ew.

Craft room primed.

Craft room east wall--painted and shelves hung.
Rub a Dub Dub- Three boys in our NEW tub.

Master Bedroom carpet removal.

Kitchen with out the kitchen wall. Or upper cabinets. See the chandelier? Be looking for it in it's NEW home soon.

Bathroom ceiling which is now LEVEL! WOO HOO- lotsa work to get it that way. 

Boys' room carpet removal. The paneling is also no longer there. 

Bathroom north wall and ceiling- see the window the boys found?

South wall of bathroom. Left side is the doorway (pretty french doors to the living room). These are the electrical boxes for the new wiring. The old wiring in the house is papery and scary. So we had to redo all of it.

Dining room and Kitchen with level floors- again- A LOT of work. The floor is open so the pipes and wiring is easier to get to. Sean also cleaned out the crawl space and found all sorts of treasures. 

Bathroom east wall. Circles are boxes for the vanity lights and the others are outlet and switch. Background is the master closet and dark master bedroom. 

Kitchen mid wall demo. On the right you can still see the lath .

Kitchen no wall but still have flooring. 

Bathroom light/fan

Hallway looking from the master doorway. First door on the right is master closet- then the bathroom and at the top is the doorway to the boys' room. 

One kid in a tub.


Craft Room south wall beginning to prime. 

Ew. Nasty carpet that was in the dining room (the previous tenants used it as a second living room) 

Old bathroom sink plumbing. See the awesome shade of purple? Might have been a cool idea to start with but ended up with nasty mold everywhere.

View of the south side of the house with the porch. Notice the change in exterior color. I *LOVE* the blue. PS we're probably the only people known to man to paint stucco in a semi-gloss.  Didn't think about it until AFTER we bought 10 gallons or so....oh well. Now we can just hose her down right?

Bathroom. Where the car jack stands are in this picture (middle)  is where the tub is now. 
The old throne room. 

North side
Craft room south wall

Dining room carpet removal.

Craft room- left door leads to boys' room, right door leads to the loving room. 

Master bedroom icky carpet.

Housewrap in bathroom covering the window. 


Dining room carpet removal.

Boys' room- the wall to the left is gone now- it made a rather useless hallway. 

Bathroom and blurry children. 

Boys' room. Closet is now in the bathroom where the tub is. 

Boys' room--notice the line on the floor- that's where the wall used to mark off the useless hallway. 

Boys' room. 

Front window. Poor lighting because the picture was taken at night. 

Kitchen wall gone. 

Porch- picture window framing.

South view of the redwood porch.

Wall separating the kitchen from the laundry room & pantry framed. 

Kitchen wall demo. 

Boys' floor carpet removal- IF we ever have carpet again I WILL be shampooing and vacuuming regularly.  

Old porch gone. Board for new porch up. 

Rotten wood from the old porch.

New boards for new porch. 

Bathroom wall. 

New porch. Old paint.



Picture window framing. 

Redwood porch.  

Monster bush minus a LOT of foliage.  I thought to take the picture after I had started pruning/hacking my way into it. 

Porch Progress.


Bathroom down to the dirt. 

Craftroom primed and painted- now for some air.  Phew!




nasty dust swept up from UNDER the dining room carpet. 

Craftroom with shelves- before the purple accent wall. 

Brother in law, Tyler, in bathroom demo. 

Monster bush in the eves. 

Bathroom window. 

Charlie helping grandpa build the porch. 


Old colors. 


Can you tell I'm tired of typing captions?

Scott and boys. 

Tile in bathroom. 

No mo flo anymo.

Vanity wall. 

This is where the hampers are going. The boys' will have a little square door to drop dirty clothes in. 

Pretty blue house. 

Monster Bush. 


Bath. Ceiling- leveled.

bath- vanity/ toilet wall

cabinets from the kitchen.

bathroom with LIVE plugs and lights!


bathroom no floor.

The vanity we bought- this is the showroom floor model.  Ours is still in a box. 

Sub floor for tile. 

The mirror will eventually go in the middle. 

Tile all mopped up. With grout. 

Kitchen wall. 

Bathroom light. 

Sanding the mud- after sanding and sanding and sanding we decided to go with textured walls. 
So you get pictures.  And yes- just looking through them is exhausting enough.  Imagine 3 little ones around my feet.  That's partly why I haven't done as much work on it.  The credit goes to Sean, Richard, Tyler and Scott for countless hours of blood sweat and probably a few tears- though I'm sure they were shed out of frustration.  

Happy New Year! Hopefully we'll be in soon. We've made more progress since these pictures but I need to go snap some more pictures.  


  1. Wow! That's so much work! You have made so many improvements. I hope you get to live in it soon and enjoy the space and privacy. :)

  2. Holy carp! Takes a lot of work to make a house a home. So proud of you guys for working so hard at this. It is amazing to see all the pictures together and see all the progress you have made.

  3. Oh Mags!! That is soooo much work! Seriously, I'm pretty sure you all need superhero capes! I'm so excited to see the progress. :)

    1. No capes necessary- but a nap would be nice. :) And I would *LOVE* for any and all friends to come visit when we get moved in.

  4. Ahh! It's looking amazing! I love all the pictures. And a craft room? How fun!!! I lost my craft room to a sweet baby boy named Sawyer. Yep...I really need to update my blog. I can't believe all the stuff you guys have done especially with 3 kiddos. For Christmas Matt and I built kin a play table & chairs & I felt like it was impossible to get done with 2 kids. I can't imagine doing all that you guys have done. Way to go! Hope you get to move in soon!