Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dec. Update.

Life is as it always is- crazy.  I just get tired of the same old thing on my blog so I figured you are too :)

The kids are supposed to be napping.

They are not.


I doubt they will.

It seems to be this challenge we are having lately.

The kids vs. Mom.

I don't feel like I've won many battles lately.

But the company Christmas party is tomorrow night so there are things to look forward to.  Oh and a shower.   Which I will be accomplishing after hitting Publish.

My heart is full of gratitude for my numerous blessings.

This weekend we're hoping to get a decent chunk out of our house done. There is SO MUCH to do still... Currently the bathroom needs to have the ceiling sanded and all of it mudded again. Then sanded again.  Then primed. Then maybe painted and the toilet put in.  And then the sink.  Oh and a door- that would be a nice touch too. (Mind you this is just the to do list not the will-be done-Saturday list.)  And the bathtub tiles need to be painted and baked and then put up and grouted and sealed.  You know how it goes.  Always one more thing. The natural gas pipe is slated for Saturday and I'm relieved to know that my brother in law has done it before. His dad even has the manifold to test it with so we don't end up with a magically exploding house.  I am truly grateful. Then there's flooring and framing the laundry room wall and electrical.  And more flooring and a stub wall and flooring in the kids' room. Shimming to level the floor. The only thing actually slated for this weekend is the pipe and part of the floor so the wall in the laundry room can go up.

Here's what we'll be doing for our mirror for a while.... and the lower picture is the bathtub inspiration- though I hope and pray it isn't a disaster...


  1. Thanks for the update, Seester. I still am so excited you're doing a rainbow bath. Sorry I haven't called back yet, this week's been... brutal. I'll give you a call in a day or two. Love you lots.


  2. Dear Mags. I so very much wish we lived closer and then I would come over and help. I LOVE your bathroom inspiration! and I'm pretty sure everyone needs that kind of mirror. Sincerely,