Monday, November 19, 2012

Two Truths and a Lie.

Ever played before?

One of these is a lie. Two are truths. Which witch is which? 

#1:  Sometimes I cut my bangs because I don't have time to pluck my eyebrows before church. Scary huh? 

#2: Of all my favorite accessories, scarves top the list. I have probably 17, sadly they are all in storage. 

#3: I hit my stride about 4 in the afternoon.  Which is rough given that naps are well over by that time.  

Need a hint? 

Too Bad.  

Good luck. 

 Here's a Pushme Pullyou to help you think...

...Oh that distracted you? Sorry. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled slacking browsing. 


  1. My guess is no. 3 is a lie, because 4 is the start of hell time for most mommies. Love the Pushme PullYou as a consolation prize if I guessed wrong.

  2. #2 is a lie. I know of your love of hats...

  3. #3 is actually true. I hit my stride at 4pm....sadly I DO get majorly distracted by children insisting they are starving to death and bored and and and. But when I'm home alone- that is an AWESOME hour. As a Mom---I don't know that I necessarily have awesome hours, I count children and spouse alive as awesome most days.

    #2 is a lie....ish. I do like scarves, and I have many. Not 17. Maybe 7. But they ARE all in storage. And I'd have to say my love for hats probably trumps all. And earrings.

    #1 I did just this past Sunday. The gnarly eyebrows have since been tamed....for now.

    1. Yay! I win, I win, I win, I win! ;)

  4. Man. I got it wrong. I thought #1 was the lie, although I had not thought of your love of hats for #2. Guess we know who doesn't know you.

    1. Me, too, Sean. *sigh* We love Maggie big, but her dear friends pay better attention to the details. I'm glad she has dear friends who know her well. And family that loves her big.

  5. In all fairness I guessed 2 before I actually read the rest of the comments. Mostly because I don't think that I have actually taken notice of you in a scarf... Hm.

    And you rock... just sayin'.

  6. I was totally going to guess 3. Can I borrow some of your 4:00 energy? That's when I crash. It's also when I have to ride 3 kids to get their homework done and get dinner going. No bueno.

    This was fun. I may steal your idea. :)