Friday, October 5, 2012

Ventage- not Vintage

"If you are willing to make the sacrifices it will be worth it." 

That would be the answer I received when I prayed about buying our house.  About now I'm feeling like I should have asked for the term specifications on these sacrifices.  I'm worn out.  There's so much work to be done it feels like we'll never be DONE done.  At this point I can't even see the light at the end of the tunnel of done-enough-to-move-in.  I'm sick of paying for a storage unit and sick of having no idea where my things are in said storage unit.  When we packed up to move back in with my inlaws (who have been extremely gracious) I didn't bother to label much stuff because I didn't think it would be in storage long.  On the off chance that we were here when the weather changed I had the forethought to at least put all the warm clothes together.  Well- what I thought was all of them.  I got out the pile and sorted through it and there's a bunch not in there.  Like the boys' winter coats for example.  At some point it will be winter and they'll need them.  They might even need them for deer season in two weeks.  Dang.  

Rooms need to be painted, but before that can happen a lot of scrubbing and patching (and mudding in some cases) will need to happen. And before that can happen- plumbing needs to be run, floors put in, walls put in, sheet rock hung, appliances moved OUT of the boys' room (preferrably BEFORE the door gets put on because I don't know if they'll fit otherwise), spare lumber out of OUR room. Etcetera and so forth. 

Bibbity Bobbity BOO!


Didn't work.  



That one didn't work either.  

I don't know how much electrical is going to happen before we move in- though it all needs to be replaced eventually.  (Side note: sometimes it drives me BATTY how many things we have to plug in. Though I am grateful for technology sometimes I feel as though we're being overrun with cords for our cordless devices. Ya know?  Topic for another day.) Our kitchen is going to be in a sad state likely for the next two years.   

Maybe by Christmas we'll be in.  

Hopefully by summer.  

My primary job in all of this is to take care of the children.  3 boys. 1, 3, and 5.  Who get into EVERYTHING.  Charlie wants to eat everything- and I don't want him dining on the screws or dead bugs he finds lying around the house. There have been many times that I have longed to deal with power tools and numbers instead of the constant drone of "MAAaaaahm!' Because even if I TRY to help- if the kids are there and I am there they get all up in my face or are in each others faces and my MomBrain won't just let it be.  

Joy in the journey. I know. Days are long and the years are short.  Gotcha.  But right now can I just have a nap please?! 

Oddly enough I am so looking forward to General Conference this weekend.  Where I'm not preparing a lesson and shushing wee ones (thank goodness for closed captions!).  We're supposed to be making our traditional cinnamon rolls in honor of the event.  Which reminds me of what I'm *supposed* to be doing right now- getting the dough made. 

Better hop to it.  

Yes, I'd love some cheese to go with my whine. 

End rant. 


  1. I have been feeling a lot of the same things. It seems that nothing gets done because as soon as I start, someone needs something. We just redid our kitchen floor and I would have so much rathered be doing the floor than being the one with the kids. Not that I don't like being a Mom, but a change of pace sometimes would be nice. Anyway, I love hearing how your house in coming along and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a Christmas move in. :)

  2. I am doubly hating on your house right now. Firstly it is stressing you out, and Secondly, it is way to far away from me, so I can't even steal your boys so you can focus on POWER TOOLS!! And If you lived closer I could volunteer my Bread machine to make your Cinnamon Roll dough.
    Miss Your Guts!
    P.S. I like Cheese..:) Kinda made me want CHEESE!!

  3. Would you prefer cheddar or Velveeta? Even if this had been a project you had embarked upon before 1,3, and 5 were in the picture you would be tired by this stage of the game. Extensive remodeling is more difficult than starting from scratch so it is way OK for you to be weary. You are doing a great job mothering three little boys, and loving your husband, and being a good daughter-in-law. It can be exhausting to do any ONE of those well. You are doing them all! At the same time! Every. Single. Day. It is not easy. But keep doing the good things you are doing and I'll write you a note excusing you from all the rest.

  4. Big hugs Maggie. If you ever have a time when you guys have everything to do a project and just need help please let us know! We would love to help out. Love you.

  5. Oh Maggie! I'm so sorry about the never ending house project! If I was closer I would bring you cookies.