Monday, September 24, 2012

Didja get a haircut? No- all of them.

Much of the weekend was spent painting my inlaws' house.  In the process the boys each managed to get paint on themselves and IN THEIR HAIR.  I wish I had taken pictures at the time but my card was full.  However because the paint was in their hair and it won't wash out...we had to cut it out.  Meaning that my baby is no longer a baby- he's a big boy with a big boy haircut.  He's a happy little squirt though.
We came home from dropping brother bear off at Kindergarten and played on the swings.  (The baby swing is what Charlie got for his birthday.)
Silly Landon fell off of his swing.  


  1. Cute kids, even if they do look much more grown up than before. Man, they grow fast.

  2. What a beautiful green & blue morning with your silly boys. Looks like Charlie is done being a baby and looks like Landon is Mister Rogers.

  3. DANG it, those little boys are adorable. Did Big Brother get all his hairs cut too?

  4. kaden "is that charlie look at him and landon! pushing his baby brother charlie!"
    love ya!

  5. @Christie: yes big brother also got all his hairs cut as did Cousin Brocky (which now makes it hard to tell him and Landon apart) We just lined 'em up one after the other.

  6. Pants and sweaters?! Which hemisphere do you live in?!

    Sometimes St. George feels like a different planet.

    Your boys are so cute. :)