Monday, September 24, 2012

Didja get a haircut? No- all of them.

Much of the weekend was spent painting my inlaws' house.  In the process the boys each managed to get paint on themselves and IN THEIR HAIR.  I wish I had taken pictures at the time but my card was full.  However because the paint was in their hair and it won't wash out...we had to cut it out.  Meaning that my baby is no longer a baby- he's a big boy with a big boy haircut.  He's a happy little squirt though.
We came home from dropping brother bear off at Kindergarten and played on the swings.  (The baby swing is what Charlie got for his birthday.)
Silly Landon fell off of his swing.  

Friday, September 14, 2012


Seeing as my last post was so cheery and I loved seeing it every time I open my blog (to see if anyone ELSE updated) I thought I'd save you guys the pain and write a new one.  But first an update: Things are still pretty much the same as before.  Busy with no nap in sight. Sean didn't go to the play meeting- and then had to turn down the director when he came over and practically begged.  Grateful for that.  I bet he is too actually because then he got sick.  Don't know what's wrong except that it's not appendicitis like the doctors thought it might be.  Good news for Sean's appendix.  We're hoping to have more answers next week after some tests.  Until then Sean is working from home.  Grateful he can.  His coworkers are getting a bit of a crash course on how the system works but things seem to be going ok so far.  There ARE silver linings.  Just hard to see them sometimes.  

In other news: I made 1/2 of a duct tape dress form (check out the how to videos HERE and HERE) meaning it is made and 3/4 stuffed (ran out of pillows) and I need to mount in on something- likely scrap lumber and a base of some sort.  I'll get pictures when she's finished.  

Also working on some other crafty-goodness in the form of decorative blocks.  My sister in law wanted to do a craft night on Monday and when I was asking Sean his input on what to make he replied, "Something useful." Hmmm.  Yeah- that takes a LOT more brain power to come up with.  So for the time being we have decorative blocks that will likely be a birthday gift (assuming I finish them in time). But for NEXT time---what are YOUR suggestions for something crafty yet useful (not just decoration- or dustables as my dear brother calls them).  I have scoured pinterest for ideas but do far most of what I'm seeing is shelving of some sort or another.  

Baby Boy, Chollie Tortise, Charlie Bucket or Tertius as he is known is walking like a champ and has a bajillion teeth now.  Ok so it's more like 8 but he's still nursing and occasionally it feels like a bajillion. He likes to do crinkle nose (not to self- photo document that one) and is quite a flirt like his oldest brother.  

Lando loves Mommy and Landon time when Big Brother is at school and little brother is napping.  At this very moment he is in Duplo heaven (where you don't ever have to share) building Yoshi with a couch trailer... don't ask me.  He's happy and enjoying his imagination so who am I to question his creativity.  

Mr. School Boy is doing well.  He comes home and complains that he doesn't have any homework yet so we make up homework by practicing his writing on the dry erase board he got from his grandparents. (He loves it by the way.) 

We hit up a book sale yesterday where I found the Little Fur Family

pic found on 10engines Blog
 My heart leaped. I can remember  many hours of my childhood with this book.  It reminds me of my Grandpa.  It wasn't until I was googling it for the blog that I was reminded that ours was covered in fur.  How awesome was that?! The edition I acquired does not have fur but the story still brings warm fuzzies.  The author also wrote Goodnight Moon and the Runaway Bunny and the illustrator also did Little House on the Prairie and Bedtime for Francis which explains why I love it so much.  Classic. 

 I also snagged these beauties: 

Find it on

Photo and book can be found at Amazon as well. 

At less than 10 cents a book I call that a steal. (We made it home with a whole box for $3.) 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

State of the Union

My freshman year in high school our English teacher had us "circle the wagons" occasionally and give our own state of the union address.  How are we? How's life at home? School? Friends? Other. It was a time to be open and reach out.  What was said in the room stayed in the room- as much as it ever does in high school.  I don't know that there were monumental things discussed.  I really don't remember.  But I do remember the catharsis that came from our sharing and not being judged or advised how to move forward.  Just a statement of where we were in that moment in time.  Probably one of the best things I took from Mrs. Warren's class.  And an introduction to John Steinbeck.

So for today I'm feeling in a mood to have my own little State of the State (more local than state of the Union and not about my marriage) address.  To unload I suppose.  So how're things? Busy.  At times overwhelming.  My 3 year old, Landon is potty training.  Or really I'm potty training in that *I* have to remember to remind the kid every 30 minutes or so to go.  Luckily today there have been no accidents to report.  Meltdowns at my insistence that he goes, but no accidents. Next: My husband's boss got laid off two weeks ago and so he's been swamped.  Not too bad yet but we're waiting for the massive pile up of problems.  Sean didn't get promoted per se into the job that his boss had but his department did get somewhat restructured and he got a bit of a promotion in the process.  More responsibilities and not a lot of help until they hire another guy.  Then: He comes home and has to work on our house.  Which kind of feels like the never ending process.  Hard to see the light sometimes even though drywall is now going up.  I'd love to get everything painted before we move in because it's much easier without bodies and furniture to work around but that's not really in the budget (time or money).  So we'll just do one room at a time like we had originally planned.  Sometimes I really dread the mention of going over and working on the house because I don't actually get to do much of the construction due to my duties as mother.  Next item on the our State of the State address: Back to school can be an exciting time of year.  Sadly for me, I am reminded that I am no longer in school- yes, yes I know, I can learn anywhere.  More to MY point is that the school time of my life is on hold for the foreseeable future.  I don't get to be an intellectual for the time being.  I get to explain things to a 5/3/1 year old.  Then if I do have TIME to learn I really just want a nap.

Update: This post has been composed over two days.  Today is the beginning of day two.  To start off the morning #2 went #2 in his undies.  I might have come a bit unglued.  This if after #1 pours his own milk...all over the table and floor.  After I got the mess from #2 cleaned up numero uno threw a royal fit about wearing his Jammie shirt to school (which is not allowed).  He's started screeching and it was quite the scene just getting him into the car.  I only hope he calmed down before he got out (Daddy took him to school today) or we'll be getting a call from his teacher.   I wanted to lose weight in the next few weeks but when it rains it pours and I apparently don't handle that well.  Oh and did I mention Sean just got called as the Executive Secretary for our Bishop.  Then we're at the church party last night and he tells me that he was (somewhat suckered) into trying out for a play tonight? Yeah.  I laughed.  I honestly don't know if he's serious or not- I guess we'll see.

So to sum up the State of the State?  
Wake me up when September ends.

**Update** Given how the morning went I wanted to drive and get a Coke and then drive some more.  I decided instead to go for a bike ride.  3 miles. Hills. 50-some-odd pounds of squidlets in the trailer.  Not so mad anymore--just tired and still a bit frustrated.