Thursday, August 2, 2012

Here we are together, together, together.

I can't get over how much my wee #3 looks like his oldest brother.  See?
 And he's not so wee.  He's trying to walk and will be one in 17 days. 
THIS boy is almost 5 and will be starting school in two weeks. CRAZY!
 "Mom, let's take pictures of each other taking pictures." I don't know how to get the pictures from Ian's camera however.  He inherited it from his great grandpa.  

Now here's my sweet Landon Boy.  Growing by leaps and bounds.  Knows his ABCs, 123s and can recognize that L is for Landon that's good enough for me! 

Here's one of the FEW pictures I took from our Family Reunion. We hiked Donut Falls and I had to stop to feed Charlie and got left behind.  (But I wasn't going to take him up there anyway) The rest of the gang headed UP the falls and even waded in the icy cold pool.  

 Droop Shot. 

 This is often how my boys play together.  Ian on the game boy but next to his brother.  Landon with his feet in his "car" and Charlie steering the "car".  That or Duplos and lots of "CHARLIE DON'T TOUCH THAT!"

Happy Thursday. 


  1. So... I think your boys need to stop growing! Sheesh! I can't believe how big they are all getting. le sigh. Miss you.

  2. Oh goodness, I can't even say anything other than I just love those boys. And I love Lando's shirt. Very appropriate.

  3. Your boys are ADORABLE. Those eyes, for heaven's sake THOSE EYES. They are otherworldly. You probably hear it a lot - I've probably said it before - but those boys are going to be heartbreakers. :)