Tuesday, August 28, 2012

During Kindergarten

With both brothers having birthdays recently and the big hurrah of Big Bro heading off to school- Middle Child sometimes gets left being the Middle Child.  You know.  Not big enough. Too big. But while Brother Boy is at Kindergarten- Charlie Bucket usually goes down for a nap and we get some Mommy and Landon Time.  IT ROCKS! We color, play Duplos, Lincoln Logs, Wobble Cars (plasma cars), Trains, work at the Blue House (I agree with Lacy- it needs a name). All manner of goodness.  Today, as I'm feeling a bit under the weather (trying to fight this back to school head cold that Ian has been so gracious in sharing around our house), I decided to play Rest on the Couch while Lando plays with Blocks.  I put down my book and closed my eyes.  About 10 minutes later my sweet boy comes over- removes my book so he can lie down with me.  And he does.  Snuggles for a good three minutes or so before he heads off to the kitchen in search of food.  At which point he also states that he needs a sandwich because he's so hungry he could eat an elephant.  You don't mess with this kid and his food.  It's serious business. I'm just glad that he wanted to snuggle for a minute as I know the days are fleeting away with all three of them.  

So excited! 

MILK: It does a body good! 

This last one is for you Aunt Christie.


  1. Oh, I just love that sweet boy! Glad to see he can keep up the attitude.

  2. I always like a little snuggle before I eat an elephant, too. And a tall glass of milk to wash it down.

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  4. Your kids are getting so big! I can't believe you have a kindergartner on your hands and that Charlie is already one. I love those monster cupcakes by the way. Ca-ute!!!
    Every time I come to your blog I get motivated to do something with mine but then it never happens. But I'm going to do it! You have all of these fun, family memories recorded and I'm jealous that I've been lazy and stopped doing it and missed a lot. Time to play catch up!