Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Canner Exceedingly Canny

A canner exceedingly canny,
One morning remarked to his granny, 
"A canner can can anything that he can,
but a canner can't can a can, can he?"

So I half canned these green beans for my mother in law.  Grown and picked by my father in law,  washed and cut by me, cooked by me, jars filled by my mother in law, lidded and put in the pressure cooker by me and timed and taken out by my mother in law. 
It's a group effort.  

I'm grateful to begin to learn how to can 
(which shouldn't it be called BOTTLE?).  
Preserve anyhow.  

My first attempt I forgot to wipe the mouth of the bottle (they shouldn't go out in public like that- how embarrassing!) and ended up with 3 of my 5 jars not sealing.  
This go around all 6 sealed.  

Next step is figuring out how to grow the darn food.  THAT I'm not so good at.  

For my memory's sake I'm writing the steps here (because I keep losing the paper I wrote it down on).

Pick. Wash. Cut into 1" pieces.  Cover with water. Bring to a boil. Turn off.  Fill CLEAN, HOT jars with beans and water from beans up to the neck of the jar (if more water is needed add HOT).  1tsp canning salt (before water actually). Boil water and put lids in to sterilize. Wipe bottle mouths (ew sloppy eaters). Hot lids on Hot Jars. Ring. Pressure cooker with 2" water. Bring to steam until the little button pops up.  Put weight on. When it is at pressure- pressure for 20 minutes.  Turn off. Let it sit until pressure is at 0. Remove and cool on counter.  Remove rings- rinse lids and write date.  


  1. Beautiful! And for the record, I call it bottling. :) what can I say, I'm a rebel.

  2. It takes a village to preserve the harvest. Or at least a buddy to encourage/assist as needed. Those green beans are gonna taste like summer when you eat 'em in the dark of winter. Well done, Baby Girl!

  3. I could've used your brain a few weeks ago during my jam-making party. Where was this post THEN, hmm? ;)

    You're so domestic, I'm jealous. Good job! :)

  4. I canned (or should I say bottled?) green beans for the first time a couple weeks ago too. My father-in-law has a huge garden that we get to mooch from. :) I read how you canned yours and that's how I did it too and my green beans turned a little brownish? Apparently I used the wrong kind of salt or overcooked them but at least they're still edible but just don't look as pretty as yours. Oh well!

  5. good job! they look delicious. its really kinda weird not to be helping with preserving this year.

  6. good job! I feel really out of the loop not helping with the bottling this year. I really enjoy it!

  7. OH how I love limericks!! Maggie, those beans look lovely :) and maybe it's a small town thing... cause I call it bottling too! :)