Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My loves.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the things and people and places I love.  So I thought I'd share them.

Things I love:

  • Perfumes- I *LOVE* good smelly stuff- this extends to lotions and bath salts as well.  I would love to just have a whole tray full of different wee bitty scents.  I'm not much of a signature scent- I like whatever I like in the moment. 
  • Hats- I love to wear hats and look at hats. One of my goals in life is to become a hat lady.  I have hats- I'm working on the lady part.
  • Gloves- one of the few reasons to enjoy winter.
  • Blank books- they speak of possibilities, stories unwritten, sketches waiting to be inked out.
  • Blue Glass- Perhaps I inherited the gene? Perhaps I created the collection for my mom...I got a blue vase from Sean's Grandpa that will be treasured in my own collection. 
  • My ancestral coffee table.  I got it from my Grandma who got it from her mother (Grandma Margaret) and thus it has significance to me.  And I love to think about my Grandma (Oma the Great) playing solitaire on it- the old fashioned way- you know, with CARDS. 
  • My glass rose and pewter wiener dog that Sean brought me from Germany. 
  • My bronze colored angel from St. Michael's Cathedral in Hamburg. 
  • My engagement ring- I love the red ruby instead of a diamond. 
  • Really all jewelry.  I love sparkly things. 
  • Kosher Dill Pickles (even better if they're garlic)A
  • "Hurst" picture from a dear friend when she was living in NOLA. 
People I love:
  • My family- ALL of them. The crazies, the inlaws, the outlaws, the creative, the studious, the hardworking, the bookworms.  I am truly blessed with great families.  The ones I come from.  The one I married into.  The one we have created.  
  • Sean boy.  I've been thinking lately about our courtship and trips to Three Peaks and the joys of college.  I love thinking about falling in love with him.  I love falling in love with him over and over with new things that trigger it- playing with the kids.  Reading to them.  Sharing his loves with them.  Sharing his loves with me.  Holding hands during movies.  Comforting hugs when I'm freaking out (as I am wont to do on occasion).  All the mushy love stuff and the day to day kindness. 
  • My boys.  (Yes I realize they and Sean are all covered in the family section. But it's my blog.) They're silly and creative and growing up before my eyes.  My oldest is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks.  A few WEEKS people!  I'm so excited for him and I'm excited to be in this phase of life.  I worry I haven't done enough on my end to prepare him but only time will tell I guess.  No going back now.  Landon is growing and learning and I fear he gets left out or overlooked far too often.  Ian already knows his ABCs but Landon is just learning them.  I try to give him his own personal praise for his own accomplishments.  Charlie is a blessing and a joy.  He is so sweet and I'm grateful for his timing.  To be a comfort when we need the hugs and kisses he so freely doles out.  
  • My favorite teachers throughout the years.  Ms. Lambert (5th grade) Mr. Raheb (High School) Frau Tietjen (High School) Mr. Wilson (High School) Brenda- Mrs. Williams (High School) Mrs. Warren (9th grade) Dr. Jessica Tvordi (College) DGB- Professor Bonzo (College) Dr. Talbot (College) 
  • My College Roommates who became dear friends. 
  • My BFF Candy. Who really knows why we've always been friends- cats and dogs- but we always have and likely always will be.  
Places I love: 
  • Cedar Mountain. 
  • Blue Mountain.
  • Pismo Beach. 
  • Sunset Beach.
  • Visalia- it will always be my hometown.
  • Blanding- it will always be my kids' hometown. 
  • Siena Italy.
  • The Love Shack (and totally NOT what you're thinking, but now the song is stuck in your head)
  • The pool.
  • Cedar City.

That's all for now-perhaps someday I'll come back and write more in depth on each one. 

Perhaps, perhaps....per.....haps. 


  1. Baz Luhrman. Do I also hear a little love for Baz Luhrman in your final sentence?

    Love your lists. Love you lots. Some of our loves overlap and that's lovely.

  2. I did get Love Shack in my head. Until you snuck Cake in there. Or was it Baz Luhrman?? I'd really love to right on this one. I've been wrong a lot today. I'm going with Cake.