Friday, July 13, 2012

Land that I love.

Land that I love. 

So grateful to celebrate the freedoms we are blessed with with those I love.  My mom came out for the 4th and we showed her how small town America celebrates.

Midnight Madness (softball games all night) 
Parade with lots of candy (two buckets full)
Carnival with booths and super nummy food
Greased Pig Catching (or chasing in Ty's case)
Concert in the park

The town shuts down for the 4th (basically) and it was great to see the whole town coming together to have a great time

It was a long hard week with the death of Sean's Grandpa July 5th.  Grateful my mom could be with us to help us and we sure enjoyed her company.  I'm not feeling so good with words today so here are the pictures. 
See the wet street? The much prayed for rain came just in time to cool things off for the parade and then again just as the fireworks finished.  Pretty cool.

This is Lando's "Wobble Tar" that he decorated for the Kiddie Parade.  Not to be confused with another parade of the feline variety.  Notice the red spikes in his hair.  Koolaid. 

Charlie's participation in the Kiddie Parade.  His hair is also red but you can't tell.  Curse of the brunette.  He's tired- hence the grumpy look. PS I displayed his quilt in the quilt show this year- I think I'll do it again.  

This is big brother CHEESE waiting for fireworks to begin. 

And this is how Landon started out for fireworks.  He ended up on my lap.  The earmuffs (for shooting) were an excellent idea because he didn't freak out.  (Landon is afraid of the loud fireworks).  Thanks for letting us borrow them Grandpa!

It was a great holiday. 
 Maybe tomorrow I'll post about the funeral service. 


  1. No place I'd rather be than Blanding on July 4th!

  2. Nicks Grandpa died July 3 so we totally get you over here :( love you. And love the koolaid!