Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday, Friday. What's the difference?

Well it's Tuesday. Not Friday.

But I need to get back into writing so I'll grab a 5 minute Friday writing prompt from Gypsy Mama and see where it takes me.


Group, Tribe, Village, Town, Family, Neighbors

It takes all of us to make a great community.  A place where we WANT to live.  The hairdresser who sympathizes when a loved one is sick.  The volunteer firefighter who spends his day job working at a mill.  The grocery store clerk who also works at the hardware store just to make ends meet so he can stay in the community that he loves.  Community means sharing.  Burdens, Accomplishments, State Championships, Losses, Resources.  Connections.  No man is an island.  The guys at the auto parts store will even agree with that.  Together we're better.  At least I sure hope so.

Writing that was harder than I thought.  Here's to next week.  Or maybe this week on ACTUAL Friday instead of Tuesday.

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