Friday, May 11, 2012

A day at the park

The shingles come and go (well the pain and complications) Thankyouforasking. In between bouts (though I think they might trigger worse symptoms) we have been enjoying the sunshine. 
Lando was so tired but tried to hold on. 
 Even the cousins came to play.
 Firstborn thought it was funny to feign sleeping.  You decide...
 Happy boy. 
 There's my Chollie Bucket.
Charlie's favorite toy/food: PAPER. Drives me nuts.  The kids have gotten progressively worse on the eating everything front. Ian wouldn't even put stuff in his mouth- we didn't have to worry about him.  Landon wouldn't swallow anything (food even was known to stay stashed in his cheek even through naptime-ew.) But Charlie. Oh my.  Anything and everything straight into his mouth- and he manages to swallow some of it I'm sure. 

So mostly I'm trying to recover, following Charlie around saying "Charlie what are you eating?!" (Of course expecting him to reply in full sentences.  "The pulp fibers of what was once known as a tree Mother. Oh and an old Cheerio.") And eagerly awaiting Oma and Aunt Christie's visit that begins tonight! (For them it started in the wee hours of this morning).   

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  1. I can't believe how big Charlie is now! Sheesh! And soooo very glad you are over the shingles. :)