Sunday, April 22, 2012

A note

Dear Family who live ridiculously too far away, 

Stop it.  The being so far away bit.  I know, I know.  I'm the one who moved....but still.  

Love you.  Miss you.  It's kind of driving me batty.  


It's been a glorious weekend full of soon to be ours home- improvement projects and sunshine and togetherness.  I took a lot of pictures and will likely post them in the coming week.  And I'm still feeling as blue as our soon to be house because I miss my family.  My siblings. My parents. My grandparents both here and gone. Nieces and nephews and inlaws and outlaws. I'm at a loss for words so blogosphere you get this.  No apologies though.  Grateful to have the family around that I do and miss the ones I don't.  

Emails would be wonderful.  Phone calls are great too (if the chaos isn't too much so I can actually hear my phone ring...) 


  1. No apologies necessary. Words are inadequate when the longing is deep and wide. Even the wee ones feel the longing, evidenced by Ian's spontaneous declaration, "Oma, it would be awesome if you lived here." He's got great instincts and freely expresses his love. He gets it from you.

  2. I'm not family, but I love you! I miss you! COME HOME!

    Oh dear. Maybe you didn't need to hear that one. But please know that you are missed here. And book club is not the same without your snarky self.