Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

We went hiking with the in-town in-laws for Easter up Butler Wash. It was awesome. 
We like to wear out tiedye shirts when hiking- easy to spot. 
Cousins sharing snacks

First Ruin

Happy Baby

At Big Cave Ruin*- Peek A Boo (*my name for it- not official)

Inside the cave looking out.

Third Ruin- Hard to get into. Us Girls+Charlie stayed behind on that one .
 So we could give the baby kisses. 

Then we went back home for naps and met back at Grandpa and Grandma's for Egg Hunting. 

Holding hands before we let them loose on the yard

Look how many I got Mom!

Charlie loved playing with the plastic eggs.
 Checking out the loot:

It was a glorious Easter weekend full of sunshine and happy memories (and Ian and Landon learned firsthand about the dangers of Cactus- they lived to tell the tales.)



  1. The big one is called the Ballroom cave. Great post though, it is sure to make certain Grosseltern jealous. Too bad we did not get any pictures of the young, but amazing rock climbers in action. Oh well, things for another day.

  2. Hey! This Grosseltern is completely jealous and forming a plan to join the tie-dyed rock-climbers and egg-hunters at the next annual installment of Kids Gone Wild!