Monday, April 30, 2012

And the Lion has it...

There's a part in the Wizard of Oz where the Cowardly Lion says, "It's gonna get darker before it gets lighter," as they're going into the forest.

That's about where I am right now.  It's going to get worse before it gets better.  (Or really where I was on Friday--it has already gotten worse.)


What is it?

Well last week I found that I had a lovely looking set of bumps on my back that I thought must be bug bites- what else? The only place I could figure I got them was in bed because when I went to bed they weren't there- when I woke up they were.  Hence my bedbug theory. With the help of Google- I was throughly grossed out by the little buggers and promptly washed all the bedding in the house and kept an eye on the boys for signs of more bug bites.  Tried lots of home remedies, lavender oil, baking soda, warm bath with baking soda, then a prescription cream for eczema (which my doctor had told me is also great for bug bites and bee stings).  That's when I was really perplexed.  NOTHING WORKED.  Not even a little bit.  In fact, it was getting worse.  So Friday afternoon Sean was home from work and I stopped by the doctor's office to see if there was some sort of magical cream that would help these bug bites.  I explained everything and the doctor looked a little perplexed as well... "Are you sure it was a bug?" What else would it be? No I'm not sure but I can't think of a better explanation.  He took one look at my "bites" and declared, "Those aren't bugbites, that's Shingles."



What the heck are Shingles?

So he explained it all to me.  Yes I had chickenpox as a kid.  And now it's coming back with a vengeance. And I'm 27.  I thought this didn't happen until at least 50 (most sites online say 60).  So now I'm paranoid about my infant but hoping that the fact the sores are on my back help him not get it...He can't just randomly touch them.  He's too young to vaccinate and maybe the magic miracle of breast milk will help him not get chicken pox.  The other boys have been vaccinated and are otherwise healthy (it hits hardest when the immune system is already compromised).  So it's a waiting game.

And in the meantime it's getting worse before it's getting better.

Friday I was itchy and achy but Friday night I couldn't sleep due to severe pain mostly in my neck.  3 hours of sleep that night and a day with family at the temple---tender mercies because I made it through with only slight discomfort not pain.  That afternoon I managed a nap (a feat in itself because the neck pain was back). Saturday check. Didn't sleep well again- ended up putting on my go-to sick movie Little Women and almost instantly the comfort of the music helped ease me into sleep.  I didn't even make it past the Meg's sprained ankle.  Sunday morning not so bad.  Sunday evening unbearable.  So I broke down and took the pain meds the doctor prescribed me.  Sadly it didn't do much for my pain- just made me sleepy.  So I went to bed at 8.  12 hours of sleep (mostly- was interrupted multiple times with kiddos).  That's the most sleep I've had in weeks, possibly the most in the last 8 months.   But I don't actually feel any better today.  Sadly, I feel worse.  My head/neck are pounding/throbbing and it's going to be a day of movies and scraping by.

I don't even know if this post is coherent.  But I don't much care either- I just needed to distract myself from everything for a bit.  So those friends of mine that live with chronic pain-- I AM SO SORRY! I truly wish I could do something- anything to help.  I understand now to the tiniest degree.

Just wish we had a copy of the Wizard of Oz to watch.
Oh and I keep thinking maybe they're just Tracker Jacker stings.


  1. I hadnt thought of the Tracker Jacker option. Sorry it is so bad today. Good thing I already go the next two days off.

  2. Boo! So sorry my friend! I hope it gets lighter soon!

    Sending love and hugs your way.
    And go eat an Otter pop.
    I hear that will help!! :)
    ( approve this one...delete others) :)

  4. So sorry Sister. Hang in there. I love you.

  5. I'm so sorry! My SIL has had shingles several times. As has my MIL. From what I understand, death is wished for. Here's hoping for a complete and utter reprieve. Soon!

  6. Stoopid stress. I believe in your Super Healing Powers! They are not instant, but they are healing. In the meantime, do whatever works: naps, baths, movies, Otter Pops, crying, medicine. Stoopid stress...

  7. Oh my goodness. Wow. I don't understand a thing about shingles other than they are miserable! That stinks a the stinkiest stink that ever existed! No fun. No fun. Prayers for comfort and prayers for baby!!!!!

  8. Shingles?!


    Oh man, that SUCKS. I hope by now it's getting better. If I were there I would sing Whitney Houston songs to you while baking Rolo cookies for you. And then I would leave because you would kick me out, but not until the cookies were done. You're not stupid.

  9. Man! I really hope you are starting to get better and feeling more yourself. That sucks rocks.

  10. Oh. My. Gosh! I haven't heard of anyone getting them so young either! I am SO sorry you have to deal with this (on top of trying to entertain 3 kids). You are amazing, lady, and I hope you are recovering now....