Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome, Welcome!

Here's the project that I hinted at earlier:

I rather like it. 

And guess what?

I did it all with THIS:

What What?!

A little Heat-n-Bond, a little fabric, fonts found online and traced with window light... and wah-BAM! Wall art. Found the idea on THIS blog- check it out. 

PS- I posted earlier today too.  Click HERE to see it. 


  1. Don't know why, but your wonky Welcome reminds me of opening sequence of Rugrats. No Angelica in your house, but you have a Chuckie. And I'm certain you have Pickles in your house, too! Long live Rugrats!

  2. Cute, crafty lady. :)

    Ugh. You remind me that I should decorate my house.