Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Operation Boy-ish Bike

Well we're always in the midst of some project or another. 

Today it is Operation Boy-ish Bike.

We got bike from a friend's cousin who lives in Monticello. 

It was a girl's bike. 

A little something like this:

Ours came without streamers or bike for Barbie but had lots of pink and stickers. Ian actually kind of liked it the way it was. Nevermind he doesn't even know what a Barbie is.  But I'm all about personalizing it. (I would have pictures of our actual bike if I could find my camera...it's on the bar somewhere...) 

He chose blue like Thomas the Train.  I'm excited for him to have a bike of his own.  AND we should all be able to go on rides as soon as we, grownups, fix up our bikes (flat tires and in storage) because we also just got a bike trailer for the two youngin's.  (We sold out other trailer when we moved here.) Bargain deals for both.  Even better.  I'm looking forward to sunshine!

Maybe we can even ride bikes to the new house.  


Well it's not our house....yet. 
It needs a little fix up before we can get the financing for it.  So weekends will be spent there (probably).  So we're also doing the deck/porch/front entryway thing- whatever you want to call it.  Kind of exciting.  Learned that pre-treated decking doesn't really work well here because of how arid it is and it shrinks overtime.  I WILL find my camera tonight so I can take pictures this weekend when demolition will begin (on the current porch). 

Love to you all. 

PS- If you ever wonder if the spray paint handle thing is worth it- the answer is HECK YES! So worth every penny- saves the finger cramping and drips from finger getting in the spray (which I happen to do ALL the time).  


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  1. Yay for family bike rides and porch demolition! And spray paint handle thingys. So much good stuff.