Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Operation Boy-ish Bike Cont'd

Guess who found her camera?

No it wasn't Glinda the Good Witch (besides I'd bet Elphaba takes more interesting pictures...) 

ME! And it wasn't on the bar- which was a good thing because I was beginning to think I had gone a little loco. It was on the bookshelf--because the last pictures I took were of the wall arrangement I made. 

First thing first.

Operation Boy-ish Bike is nearing completion.  The boy is completely satisfied and had Daddy not mentioned the unfinished seat would be thrilled at the finished product.  As it stands I'm working on an idea for a seat cover.  

The bell is by far his favorite feature.  He has composed a 5 note song with it and insists on riding it to Grandma's so he can ring the bell and she will know it is him.  (PS Helmet...MIA- somewhere here I think- maybe still in storage...on the "to do/find" list.)

Now the reason as to where my camera was:
Holy Moly- I am not so good at the decorating thing.  This little set up took me TWO HOURS to put together- after I had the things sitting out for two weeks to gather "inspiration".  

Other fun pictures:
For our anniversary Sean made super nummy Jaegerschnitzel and Spaetzela for dinner. Fan-tastic! So good in fact we invited the inlaws over and had it again on Sunday.  My contribution for dinner was fondue fruit for dessert... but it was late that night and we were stuffed- so we saved it for lunch the next day and let the kids in on the fun. :) 

 See the horse head in the middle of the picture?
It took me forever to see it when Sean first showed it to me.  Much easier to see with a dusting of snow.  This is in Monticello- pretty awesome if you ask me.  (I find that I rather love living in SE Utah- shocking I know!)

Here's a friendly hello from our neighborhood Ostrich.  The horse wasn't out or I'd have taken a picture of him too. 
 Here's our tire swing... a little precarious but those under 50 lbs can ride it no problem.
 And last but not least a teaser of an upcoming project:

Update: Ian rode ALL the way to Grandpa & Grandma's house AND back without a single complaint and he's still outside riding. $30 bucks well spent (bike and spray paint).  


  1. My husband will have to get your recipe for Spaetzela. He made it a while back, but said it wasn't quite right. Having never had it before, I couldn't tell you, but he was sure there was a better recipe than the one he found.

  2. Ostrich!? Is SE Utah near Austrailia? or Peru? any llamas nearby? Can Ian ride all the way to Oma's house? Pleeeease???

  3. Good job on the bike. You're a good mom. I would've totally made my kid ride a girl bike cause I'm lazy, but I would tell him it builds character.

    Hey guess what, we both have the same dancing couple willow statue thing. I think they're dancing. Maybe they're just hugging. Anyway, I love it. And your wall looks nice. Time well spent, I say. :)

  4. Great bike! I see the horse head, you would think after 7 years I would have seen it, nope! But I can in your picture!