Friday, March 9, 2012


Spring is in the air- and so is change!

We moved.

Not into the house we're buying- still a work in progress...slow progress but still.  

It's the house/trailer we inquired about waaaay back in November.  Finally got the call that it was ready (they had been working on some repairs).  It's nice to have our own space though I am tired of organizing- I realized we got rid of a LOT of furniture when we moved (mostly shelves that I miss).  We even have a beautiful horse as a neeeeeighbor (ha ha).  I'll post pictures some day.  The horse reminds me of my apartment in college.  There was a corral that had a few horses that I'd watch while eating breakfast.  I was so sad when a Maverick gas station moved in and the horses were transferred to some other pasture.  

In other updates:
Ian gets registered for Kindergarten next month... CRAZY!
Landon LOVES to play games.  The boys were so excited when we unpacked our box of games and insisted on playing every one of them in an hour.  It was a mess. 
Charlie has one tooth and another perhaps soon.  He's starting to crawl and it's hard for me to see my baby grow up.  It is pretty cute to watch though.  
Sean got a new phone for work so I got his old Smart phone.  It's growing on me.  Not looking forward to switching numbers though.
Me? Grateful to have my bed and a bathtub.  Simple pleasures.  

Wanna hear a joke?

Whaddya call a short vampire?

....A pain in the knee!

(My mom sent that joke to me years ago in a college care package- thanks Mom!)


  1. Knock, knock.
    Who's there?
    Boo who?
    Don't cry. It'll be all right.

    Jokes and care packages are always a good idea.
    You can quote me on that.

    I love you Sweet Maggie.

  2. So excited for you guys! We know all the mixed emotions about moving out and getting your own place again. We are counting down the days (its 34) until we get to unpack all of the little things that have been in storage for almost two years. (yoga set, drum set, cool dishes) :) Yay for spring!

  3. SO jealous of you right now.... In your own space AND buying a house as well.... Green doesn't look good on me :)

    Why can't Ghosts have babies?
    Because they have 'Halloweanies' :)

    Stole that one from a cousin :)
    Love ya!

  4. Moving - blech. Sorry. But it's good news, right?

    Your neeeeeighbor. Ha! That's funny.