Monday, March 12, 2012

A Hiking We Will Go

If this page takes a long time to load- sorry- 30 pictures...enjoy!

These first few are from a hike a few weeks (maybe a month or so) ago.  Natural Bridges. Just us girls and the squidlets.

This is one of my favorites. These cousins are best friends.  When they get along that is. 

This is where the Echo talked back to us--then we met the guys back up at the top and they were impressed that we'd take all these little ones on such a hike.  
 Next one: Proof that my baby is growing up. He can get around pretty well now but not necessarily where or how quickly he wants to.
 On Saturday for Aunt Trish's Spring Break we headed up the road a few miles to Arches National Park
Check out the cool cousin in the shades. 

 Hiking to Delicate Arch- the famous one on the licence plates. Again people kept commenting that we were troopers for taking the kids hiking.  My philosophy: if you don't take them when they're young they won't want to when they're older. We'll see how that one pans out. 

 Gorgeous views from every angle!

 4 year old took this next one:
 I had a blast using the stitch assist on my camera to take these panorama pictures (these were at the Windows and Turret arches):

 Just enough juice in the camera to snap a self portrait. Not enough juice for a retake :)
 That was all on Saturday.  Today is Monday and we're back to unpacking and figuring out where things should go.  I'm really working on a place for everything and everything in its place.  Meanwhile my little scooter tooter got himself into Ian's fort all by himself. 
 Mostly by scooting backwards.
 And finally the typical shot of Ian playing games on Sean's/now my phone with baby brother Charlie checking out his scores and big brother Landon cheesing it up in his own box.  
Here's to sunshine and longer days!


  1. First to comment (unless others have and you haven't approved them yet). I wish I could have been there for Natural Bridges. The panoramic's turned out great.

  2. What Sean said.


    Boys in Boxes.

    I know it is not all kicks and giggles, but your life looks pretty great from where I sit.

  3. Cute boys. Cute nails. Cool bookshelves.

    And I'm so impressed by all you women taking all those boys hiking.

    Love you tons. I'll plan on Arches for next Spring Break. :) Talk to you soon!

  4. PS thanks for the cute nails comment:I agree- I'll pass along the comment- that's actually Arleen holding Chollie Bucket.