Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome, Welcome!

Here's the project that I hinted at earlier:

I rather like it. 

And guess what?

I did it all with THIS:

What What?!

A little Heat-n-Bond, a little fabric, fonts found online and traced with window light... and wah-BAM! Wall art. Found the idea on THIS blog- check it out. 

PS- I posted earlier today too.  Click HERE to see it. 

Hippity Hoppity

Easter is on its way. 

Easter is a time of rebirth and growth and springing from the tomb and rejoicing.

And hats. 

(This hat is from Etsy- you can find it HERE and join me in the celebration of all things Easter.)

The perpetual little girl in me really just wants to grow up to be the Hat Lady at church. 

I *LOVE* hats and gloves and miss the little dresses that came with both.

This year I will not have either as I cannot find my box that has my gloves and I don't have a good Easter hat.  I also haven't sought for one that would be suitable to go with my Easter Dress (that I also don't have...) Why is it that the froofy dresses are only for people 3 feet tall and under? Hm. I feel a project brewing.  For next year- I'm not *THAT* industrious. 

Today's epic task: to make Grandma Brown's Cinnamon Rolls...we'll see- I'm not so good with yeast- I kill it.  But I'm confident that if I go slow enough it'll hopefully turn out.  I'll post pictures whatever the case. Oh and this weekend hopefully we'll have a new porch on the house we're buying. YAY. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Operation Boy-ish Bike Cont'd

Guess who found her camera?

No it wasn't Glinda the Good Witch (besides I'd bet Elphaba takes more interesting pictures...) 

ME! And it wasn't on the bar- which was a good thing because I was beginning to think I had gone a little loco. It was on the bookshelf--because the last pictures I took were of the wall arrangement I made. 

First thing first.

Operation Boy-ish Bike is nearing completion.  The boy is completely satisfied and had Daddy not mentioned the unfinished seat would be thrilled at the finished product.  As it stands I'm working on an idea for a seat cover.  

The bell is by far his favorite feature.  He has composed a 5 note song with it and insists on riding it to Grandma's so he can ring the bell and she will know it is him.  (PS Helmet...MIA- somewhere here I think- maybe still in storage...on the "to do/find" list.)

Now the reason as to where my camera was:
Holy Moly- I am not so good at the decorating thing.  This little set up took me TWO HOURS to put together- after I had the things sitting out for two weeks to gather "inspiration".  

Other fun pictures:
For our anniversary Sean made super nummy Jaegerschnitzel and Spaetzela for dinner. Fan-tastic! So good in fact we invited the inlaws over and had it again on Sunday.  My contribution for dinner was fondue fruit for dessert... but it was late that night and we were stuffed- so we saved it for lunch the next day and let the kids in on the fun. :) 

 See the horse head in the middle of the picture?
It took me forever to see it when Sean first showed it to me.  Much easier to see with a dusting of snow.  This is in Monticello- pretty awesome if you ask me.  (I find that I rather love living in SE Utah- shocking I know!)

Here's a friendly hello from our neighborhood Ostrich.  The horse wasn't out or I'd have taken a picture of him too. 
 Here's our tire swing... a little precarious but those under 50 lbs can ride it no problem.
 And last but not least a teaser of an upcoming project:

Update: Ian rode ALL the way to Grandpa & Grandma's house AND back without a single complaint and he's still outside riding. $30 bucks well spent (bike and spray paint).  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Operation Boy-ish Bike

Well we're always in the midst of some project or another. 

Today it is Operation Boy-ish Bike.

We got bike from a friend's cousin who lives in Monticello. 

It was a girl's bike. 

A little something like this:

Ours came without streamers or bike for Barbie but had lots of pink and stickers. Ian actually kind of liked it the way it was. Nevermind he doesn't even know what a Barbie is.  But I'm all about personalizing it. (I would have pictures of our actual bike if I could find my's on the bar somewhere...) 

He chose blue like Thomas the Train.  I'm excited for him to have a bike of his own.  AND we should all be able to go on rides as soon as we, grownups, fix up our bikes (flat tires and in storage) because we also just got a bike trailer for the two youngin's.  (We sold out other trailer when we moved here.) Bargain deals for both.  Even better.  I'm looking forward to sunshine!

Maybe we can even ride bikes to the new house.  


Well it's not our house....yet. 
It needs a little fix up before we can get the financing for it.  So weekends will be spent there (probably).  So we're also doing the deck/porch/front entryway thing- whatever you want to call it.  Kind of exciting.  Learned that pre-treated decking doesn't really work well here because of how arid it is and it shrinks overtime.  I WILL find my camera tonight so I can take pictures this weekend when demolition will begin (on the current porch). 

Love to you all. 

PS- If you ever wonder if the spray paint handle thing is worth it- the answer is HECK YES! So worth every penny- saves the finger cramping and drips from finger getting in the spray (which I happen to do ALL the time).  


Monday, March 12, 2012

A Hiking We Will Go

If this page takes a long time to load- sorry- 30 pictures...enjoy!

These first few are from a hike a few weeks (maybe a month or so) ago.  Natural Bridges. Just us girls and the squidlets.

This is one of my favorites. These cousins are best friends.  When they get along that is. 

This is where the Echo talked back to us--then we met the guys back up at the top and they were impressed that we'd take all these little ones on such a hike.  
 Next one: Proof that my baby is growing up. He can get around pretty well now but not necessarily where or how quickly he wants to.
 On Saturday for Aunt Trish's Spring Break we headed up the road a few miles to Arches National Park
Check out the cool cousin in the shades. 

 Hiking to Delicate Arch- the famous one on the licence plates. Again people kept commenting that we were troopers for taking the kids hiking.  My philosophy: if you don't take them when they're young they won't want to when they're older. We'll see how that one pans out. 

 Gorgeous views from every angle!

 4 year old took this next one:
 I had a blast using the stitch assist on my camera to take these panorama pictures (these were at the Windows and Turret arches):

 Just enough juice in the camera to snap a self portrait. Not enough juice for a retake :)
 That was all on Saturday.  Today is Monday and we're back to unpacking and figuring out where things should go.  I'm really working on a place for everything and everything in its place.  Meanwhile my little scooter tooter got himself into Ian's fort all by himself. 
 Mostly by scooting backwards.
 And finally the typical shot of Ian playing games on Sean's/now my phone with baby brother Charlie checking out his scores and big brother Landon cheesing it up in his own box.  
Here's to sunshine and longer days!

Friday, March 9, 2012


Spring is in the air- and so is change!

We moved.

Not into the house we're buying- still a work in progress...slow progress but still.  

It's the house/trailer we inquired about waaaay back in November.  Finally got the call that it was ready (they had been working on some repairs).  It's nice to have our own space though I am tired of organizing- I realized we got rid of a LOT of furniture when we moved (mostly shelves that I miss).  We even have a beautiful horse as a neeeeeighbor (ha ha).  I'll post pictures some day.  The horse reminds me of my apartment in college.  There was a corral that had a few horses that I'd watch while eating breakfast.  I was so sad when a Maverick gas station moved in and the horses were transferred to some other pasture.  

In other updates:
Ian gets registered for Kindergarten next month... CRAZY!
Landon LOVES to play games.  The boys were so excited when we unpacked our box of games and insisted on playing every one of them in an hour.  It was a mess. 
Charlie has one tooth and another perhaps soon.  He's starting to crawl and it's hard for me to see my baby grow up.  It is pretty cute to watch though.  
Sean got a new phone for work so I got his old Smart phone.  It's growing on me.  Not looking forward to switching numbers though.
Me? Grateful to have my bed and a bathtub.  Simple pleasures.  

Wanna hear a joke?

Whaddya call a short vampire?

....A pain in the knee!

(My mom sent that joke to me years ago in a college care package- thanks Mom!)