Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When reality and dreams mix...

...it's rather confusing.

I had strange dreams last night that I attribute to watching Bones on Netflix and then reading THIS article about the Powells.  (Rated NFM- Not for Mama--just heads up Mom) I can watch shows like Bones based on my belief that reality wouldn't be THAT perverted.  Then hearing about the Powell family brings reality back in.  Sick and twisted.

Luckily my dreams were not sick and twisted--just weird.

My great uncle Ron was interviewed on TV about the northern third of California that burned 85 years ago. Not that it burned or that he's 85 but he WAS a fire captain for a long time in Lodi. Also Sacramento came to be because a long time ago there were just a bunch of podunk towns in Northern California and someone decided that they needed a place to unify them.  Thus they built Sacramento.  And a family up the street had a pink Volkswagon Bus and the dad was SO excited that it was up and running again.  In reality this family is more of a big truck, SUV family than a VW anything.  That's all I can recall now.  Dreams fade quickly.

Despite how strange my dreams were last night truth remains stranger than fiction.

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  1. Thanks for the warning. I have seen headlines about the case you mentioned and that alone keeps me from checking the news. Also, we should let Ron know he is in our thoughts. I think we are getting vibes, because his wife came to my mind when I was waking today. No need to mention weird dreams or gruesome news, however. Just love and gratitude for their goodness. Ron has spent a lifetime helping others in peril; his life is proof of the great goodness that exists in distinction to the horrible stuff. I love you muy mucho.