Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mulling, ya know like Cider

I have been spending lots of time snuggling this little guy in the middle.
 He's rapidly growing and I wish I could stop it but for now I'll just enjoy the season we're in.  He had to get shots yesterday and is teething so he's been a little grumpier than usual.  Upside is he wants his mommy to snuggle him.  I'm also enjoying snuggling the other two when they let me and yearn for a good rocking chair. 

I've been thinking about our lives as our own Epic Hero's Journey.  We have calls and quests and guides but ultimately face the challenges on our own- walking away with knowledge as our badge of bravery.  

We're moments away from buying a house.  I'm excited to work to make it our HOME.  The choices can easily overwhelm me but thus far it's still exciting.  I do need to remember to go with my gut on decisions though rather than mull for days and days.  
My gut is most often right.  

Also thinking about THIS post from my friend's sister.  Thinking about why we do this to others- why do we apologize for who we are?  

And missing my book club friends terribly.  Multiple times this week I have dreamed about book club.  I miss those wild nights.  A bunch of women spanning a decade(or so), drunk on laughter and caffeine, testing the limits of the restaurants around town, sharing each other's worries and joys.  

Also- apparently I linked my google+ account to my blogger account and I don't know how to change it back or what the real benefit was in doing so.  That'll teach me to click on stuff before I understand it.  It said I have 30 days to change it but I have no idea how to do so.... HELP! Guidance? Pro's? Con's? How would I change it?


  1. We miss you Maggie! So very much.

  2. Go with your gut. Always good advice.

    Google+ confuses the crap out of me. I tried it for a while and then gave up. I think I've reached my maximum social networking limit. Good luck figuring that out.

    This comment is for the post before this one: That Powell case--UGH! I've been in a funk ever since I read about it. I don't like it when melodramatic murder mystery-type shows collide with reality. Don't like it at all.

  3. Have absolutely no idea about google+ but absolutely miss you at book club! So very much. Very excited about your home though! Can't wait to see it and all of this makes me want to plan the ultimate road trip and just travel around for days visiting those who had the audacity to move away! Love you!

  4. I'm with you on missing the Book Club.... SO wish I could go back to even ONE of those nights and soak in the laughter :)