Friday, February 17, 2012

TShirt refashion

I had a couple of shirts that were the exact same red and decided I'd try my hand at refashioning them into one cuter shirt. I told my sister I'd post pictures if it turned out well.  Not exactly what I was going for but better.  I may in fact add more floofies (not flowers so I don't know what to call them) later. 

And I cut my bangs and decided to try them out today.   If I decide against them the good news is they're log enough to just sweep to the side still.  
Lando wanted to get in on the picture fun:

Then we decided to make funny faces:

THIS is what happens when you ask Daddy to put a fresh diaper on the baby...

Check out the awesome train track the boys built with Daddy last night (Charlie is in the bumbo behind Ian's arm)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Have you ever....?

...Been in 4 places at once? either. 

For Balentimes day the hubster got a hotel room at this place we've always seen but never been to. My amazing sister in law and her hubby and my mother and father in law took care of the two big brothers while we were away and were awesome- I owe them big time.  Especially when we got the call that Landon was barfing all over the place but that they'd take care of it and we should enjoy our time together. Oy... talk about conflicted.  We were only 30 minutes away so it was really hard to just let them take care of him.  But grateful for the time with the hubby. We even took dorky pictures to verify our dork status:
(I'm not so good at the take pictures of yourself thing- I blame it on short arms...)

We even had a chauffeur for the getaway...
 low. ri. der. 

Self-portraits at sunset.  
 We spent the day in Farmington shopping and getting ideas for the house.  A great deal of time was spent at Home Depot.  We even took turns watching for employees and hopping in bathtubs to check them out.  Had an amazingly awesome so delicious lunch at Olive Garden thanks to a gift card from a friend :)  It was a fun day.  

On the drive home we were 5 miles from 4 corners so we decided to skip on over and be touristy and experience being in 4 places at once.  

Apparently they close at 5.  Meaning the gates are locked and you can't get in or even close.  AND they're closed pretty much any major holiday. Lame.  It was 5:30--so if we had left just a smidge earlier we could have made it. Oh well.  We stopped to feed the chauffeur and watch the sunset anyway.  It was gorgeous.  By far one of my favorite things about living in this area is the spectacular sunsets that happen a majority of the time.  

Oh and make goofy faces for the camera.  
 "Who ARE these people?!"

See what I mean?
It was a great trip.  Thanks again to all the family who helped out at home.  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mulling, ya know like Cider

I have been spending lots of time snuggling this little guy in the middle.
 He's rapidly growing and I wish I could stop it but for now I'll just enjoy the season we're in.  He had to get shots yesterday and is teething so he's been a little grumpier than usual.  Upside is he wants his mommy to snuggle him.  I'm also enjoying snuggling the other two when they let me and yearn for a good rocking chair. 

I've been thinking about our lives as our own Epic Hero's Journey.  We have calls and quests and guides but ultimately face the challenges on our own- walking away with knowledge as our badge of bravery.  

We're moments away from buying a house.  I'm excited to work to make it our HOME.  The choices can easily overwhelm me but thus far it's still exciting.  I do need to remember to go with my gut on decisions though rather than mull for days and days.  
My gut is most often right.  

Also thinking about THIS post from my friend's sister.  Thinking about why we do this to others- why do we apologize for who we are?  

And missing my book club friends terribly.  Multiple times this week I have dreamed about book club.  I miss those wild nights.  A bunch of women spanning a decade(or so), drunk on laughter and caffeine, testing the limits of the restaurants around town, sharing each other's worries and joys.  

Also- apparently I linked my google+ account to my blogger account and I don't know how to change it back or what the real benefit was in doing so.  That'll teach me to click on stuff before I understand it.  It said I have 30 days to change it but I have no idea how to do so.... HELP! Guidance? Pro's? Con's? How would I change it?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When reality and dreams mix...'s rather confusing.

I had strange dreams last night that I attribute to watching Bones on Netflix and then reading THIS article about the Powells.  (Rated NFM- Not for Mama--just heads up Mom) I can watch shows like Bones based on my belief that reality wouldn't be THAT perverted.  Then hearing about the Powell family brings reality back in.  Sick and twisted.

Luckily my dreams were not sick and twisted--just weird.

My great uncle Ron was interviewed on TV about the northern third of California that burned 85 years ago. Not that it burned or that he's 85 but he WAS a fire captain for a long time in Lodi. Also Sacramento came to be because a long time ago there were just a bunch of podunk towns in Northern California and someone decided that they needed a place to unify them.  Thus they built Sacramento.  And a family up the street had a pink Volkswagon Bus and the dad was SO excited that it was up and running again.  In reality this family is more of a big truck, SUV family than a VW anything.  That's all I can recall now.  Dreams fade quickly.

Despite how strange my dreams were last night truth remains stranger than fiction.