Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"How I spent my Christmas Vacation..."

For Christmas we spent many hours road-trippin' to California to visit family. 
First leg- Monument Valley at sunrise- Absolutely Beautiful
we stopped to visit great-grandma in Mesquite and had a wonderful time.  Sorry I didn't bust out the camera for that one. 
 Second Leg- just outside of Vegas for a Milk stop and some Muppet goodness:
 The boys had a grand time making Charlie's lion, Roary, say "manahmana"
like this:
FINALLY- we arrived and Ian decided we needed a "droop shot"
And then one of his brother:
Then to Uncle Mike's birthday shindig: the big TWO NINE--next year's hullabaloo will be even more spectacular. This year the festivities included trick candles- heh heh heh.
He ended up needing help from the nephew to extinguish the massive blaze.
After dinner we got a bit Munchkinly.

that's just the first 4 days. 
more to come. 
I know you're excited. 


  1. Wow. Those kids don't look very thrilled in that first shot.

    I can just hear it- "I'm mad, I'm mad, I'm really really really really mad! You poked me with your elbow in my eye..." You know the rest.

    Can't wait to see more!