Thursday, January 26, 2012


I apologize in advance to all family and friends living far away: The bricks I put on their heads didn't work. 

The Biggest Billy goat Gruff will start school in the fall.  He already writes his name and a lot of the alphabet.  We're working on recognizing numbers. "Five-de-Five" = 55 He still loves trains and taking pictures.  His days are spent running around playing "Baby Woody" to his cousin's "Baby Buzz."  It may sound a lot like playing house but it's manly house dangit. "You are a TOY CAR!" which really sounds more like "You ah a TOWE CAH!" For all I know perhaps he's really from Bahston. 

The Wee Billy goat Gruff can now babble and roll from back to tummy.  He also likes to watch his hands and pass things back and forth. We're all very proud.  I think he's teething due to the excessive amounts of drool, slight warm and swollen bottom gums from time to time. Unfortunately I think it's going to be an on again off again adventure with this one before any break through.  He's also ready to try some FOOD.  Bring on the bibs. 

The Middle Billy goat Gruff loves to talk and sing and play by himself.  He likes to be included with the big boys but is also satisfied with having the toys to himself.  He loves all things boy: bugs, dinosaurs, cars, burps and other bodily functions, and making messes.  Luckily for me all three also happen to love bathtime too. 

Mommy goat Gruff enjoys watching the boys grow and learn and yes, even make messes.  (Though I don't enjoy cleaning them up--but who does?) She also likes to spend time on pinterest coming up with ideas for the new house (that will be slow in the making) and is looking forward to Granny night tonight aka Date Night.  

Daddy goat Gruff is recovering from a nasty cold that kept him from work for two days this week.  Don't worry though- he managed to fly over scenic south eastern Utah and take some pictures to make the mother-in-law jealous in between sick days. He's feeling better and we're all grateful to have our happy daddy back.  


  1. Dangit all to heck! You're killin' me, Smalls. Stripes and overalls and orange and goats and brothers who gaze at one another adoringly. You hear that cracking sound? from 1000 miles away? Yep. It's my heart. Thanks.

  2. Cute, cute, cute kiddos! Happy house hunting. I'm positive it's not as fun as I imagine it to be but it sounds fun to me! Oh man pinterest is loaded with ideas! I'm totally addicted!