Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo catch up day.

A little late but fun just the same:

There were 5 in the bed and the Mommy said "ROLL OVER!" but they didn't so I just snuck out.  I tried singing Jingle Bells and saying, rather loudly "MERRY CHRISTMAS" but they wouldn't budge.  So I decided to just get up and start grabbing a bite to eat.  They woke up about 5 minutes later---to the smell of baked pumpkin french toast.  
Here's a brief look back in time....

Ian's first Christmas: 2007
 Landon's First Christmas: 2009
 Charlie's First Christmas: 2011
 Picture with Aunt Christie
 Cousins :)
 Charlie thinks Uncle Mike is hilarious
 Moving on to the next holiday....

NEW YEARS! WOO HOO! Awesome party at my inlaws with double the Wii fun.  On the deck we had my sister in law's tv and wii so we could JUST DANCE and burn off some of the calories.  Great way to spend the night.  Inside the wii hosted a few rounds of 007 and Jeopardy as well as a movie for the tired kiddos. 
 See my cute birthday boots? I love them. I also love the 4 year old who snapped this shot.  (The bundle on the couch is Charlie napping and Landon is hiding a toy in some fabric while Robin Hood plays in the background)

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I apologize in advance to all family and friends living far away: The bricks I put on their heads didn't work. 

The Biggest Billy goat Gruff will start school in the fall.  He already writes his name and a lot of the alphabet.  We're working on recognizing numbers. "Five-de-Five" = 55 He still loves trains and taking pictures.  His days are spent running around playing "Baby Woody" to his cousin's "Baby Buzz."  It may sound a lot like playing house but it's manly house dangit. "You are a TOY CAR!" which really sounds more like "You ah a TOWE CAH!" For all I know perhaps he's really from Bahston. 

The Wee Billy goat Gruff can now babble and roll from back to tummy.  He also likes to watch his hands and pass things back and forth. We're all very proud.  I think he's teething due to the excessive amounts of drool, slight warm and swollen bottom gums from time to time. Unfortunately I think it's going to be an on again off again adventure with this one before any break through.  He's also ready to try some FOOD.  Bring on the bibs. 

The Middle Billy goat Gruff loves to talk and sing and play by himself.  He likes to be included with the big boys but is also satisfied with having the toys to himself.  He loves all things boy: bugs, dinosaurs, cars, burps and other bodily functions, and making messes.  Luckily for me all three also happen to love bathtime too. 

Mommy goat Gruff enjoys watching the boys grow and learn and yes, even make messes.  (Though I don't enjoy cleaning them up--but who does?) She also likes to spend time on pinterest coming up with ideas for the new house (that will be slow in the making) and is looking forward to Granny night tonight aka Date Night.  

Daddy goat Gruff is recovering from a nasty cold that kept him from work for two days this week.  Don't worry though- he managed to fly over scenic south eastern Utah and take some pictures to make the mother-in-law jealous in between sick days. He's feeling better and we're all grateful to have our happy daddy back.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I hear this little voice in my head sometimes.

"You click on blogger to see other peoples' blog updates and then get frustrated when there are only a few people who updated in the last 3 days...yet you don't update your own...Pot. Kettle. Kettle. Pot."

I have a bunch of pictures that really should be going on this post. Instead you get a brain dump. Sorry.

I don't like chevrons.  Not the gas stations- the style.  I don't like that they are trendy.  They're zig zags people! Teal and white or black and white--- doesn't matter- i still don't like them and probably never will. Some people are into that- if that's you- awesome. You won't find zig zags on my walls or rugs or chairs. Perhaps on a quilt but that's as far as I go.  I'm kind of sick of seeing them everywhere and just about ready to 'unfollow' certain boards because of them.

Ian says, "You're cracking me out." Right idea. Wrong preposition.  Makes me laugh.

We have begun the arduous process of purchasing a house.  Hurry up and wait. Much like the military.  Only more fun.  Hopefully.  We'll be doing some renovations to it before we move in but it's exciting.  I'll learn all about pipes and tile and flooring and mudding drywall.  I'm looking forward to it.  I've put my getting my nails done on hold for a while in anticipation of work.

Naptime is becoming ever more elusive. This saddens me. I love naps.

You know what else I love?  My siblings.  They rock.  I called two of the three earlier today and enjoyed our brief conversations.  I miss them.  "Seester and I must speak of holy things." "Gonna open a can of whoopin' sauce." "I'll tell you when you're older." Smart alack comments muttered under breath.  Munchkin. Movies. Good food. Laughter. Man- I think I'm making myself more homesick writing this.  Oh well.

Charlie can now roll over from his back to his tummy on demand but can't figure out what to do next.  Ticks him off.  He also is starting to babble and blow raspberries. So cute.

Landon is struggling to figure out if he wants to be the baby or a big boy.  I feel for him.  I don't know whether I want to praise his leaps into boyhood or cry that my baby is growing up.  For now I think I'll embrace both.

I find painting walls very satisfying.  Perfectionist, I am not.  I find that I simply like large amounts of color.

The more I think about it- the more I realize what a shock it must have been to my family that after only officially dating for a month, Sean and I decided to get married.  I drank the kool-aid.  But it's been working out so far.  6 years in March.  And working towards, ya know, the rest of forever. I really like that the time adds up.  I don't care that it means I'm getting older.  I don't think it's such a big deal....yet.

Update on the car that broke down. Our beloved Nena-- it was just a hose that popped off.  Sean got it back on and the clamp securely in place this time.  She's good as gold again.  Grateful that our lesson in acceptance didn't mean thousands of dollars down the drain.

That's it for now.

Catch ya on the flip side.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Beware of the grooooove.

A few years back I learned an important lesson;
praying for patience will bring trouble just as surely as picnics bring out the ants. 

So since then I have been careful and chosen my words when praying.

Praying to be able to accept one's situation is apparently a lot like praying for patience.

Let me explain.

Five years ago Sean and I were out here for a family camping trip and it was Drill weekend. (Sean used to be in the National Guard.)  I was pregnant with Ian but decided to go camping without Sean anyway.  There was a lot of back and forth between the mountain and town as Sean decided to come up for a night but had to return to drill early the next morning.  Long story short (too late!) we camped, had a grand time and we were all ready for a little space by the time it was time to head home.  So when the camping adventure was over- we got back to my inlaw's and packed up snacks and headed back on the road to Cedar City.  I was tired and hungry and pregnant and really just mostly tired.  Before heading out we prayed as we usually try to do before long trips.  And given the long day we were both getting a bit snippy and prayed for patience.  I  was just about to fall asleep when I heard a weird noise and Sean was hurriedly pulling over to the side of the road.  Dazed and confused and starting to panic I asked what was wrong.  We blew a tire. Just past the Monticello airport. 20 minutes away from our starting point.  I stood at the side of the road holding back tears and failing miserably at that.  A guy driving by stopped to help us- which was lovely because we needed an axe to whack the old flat tire off to get the spare on.  My sister in law and her husband drove out to rescue us and we limped back to town.  We ended up staying an extra two days to get new tires and then head home.  I have tried hard not to pray for patience since then for fear that I won't be able to handle what's comin' down the pipe.  

Jump forward to this past weekend.  It was fast Sunday and we felt prompted to fast to be able to accept our situation- whatever that may be.  I was a bit hesitant about doing so but moved forward faithfully.  Then this morning I get a call about 8:15am.  Bad news.  Nena broke down.  Ten miles outside of the town Sean works in.  She just got fixed- drove the commute to work and back for 4 days- no problems.  Until today.  so it could be a head gasket (very bad) or a popped hose (less bad) or something else entirely.  The silver lining in all of this is that we had another vehicle so i could rescue him and that he had cell service because out here it's hit and miss (mostly miss). So we'll see what the diagnosis is soon (hopefully) and then make our decisions based on that.

In the meantime I feel like the emperor's groove has been thrown off.  So beware.  
Beware of the grooooove.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"How I spent my Christmas Vacation..."

For Christmas we spent many hours road-trippin' to California to visit family. 
First leg- Monument Valley at sunrise- Absolutely Beautiful
we stopped to visit great-grandma in Mesquite and had a wonderful time.  Sorry I didn't bust out the camera for that one. 
 Second Leg- just outside of Vegas for a Milk stop and some Muppet goodness:
 The boys had a grand time making Charlie's lion, Roary, say "manahmana"
like this:
FINALLY- we arrived and Ian decided we needed a "droop shot"
And then one of his brother:
Then to Uncle Mike's birthday shindig: the big TWO NINE--next year's hullabaloo will be even more spectacular. This year the festivities included trick candles- heh heh heh.
He ended up needing help from the nephew to extinguish the massive blaze.
After dinner we got a bit Munchkinly.

that's just the first 4 days. 
more to come. 
I know you're excited.