Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tis the season

As we begin to anticipate and prepare for an epic journey this season I find myself getting more and more excited. 
 Not for things.  Things are cool but are really just STUFF.  And we have much to much of that anyway.  
I find myself anticipating TIME and EXPERIENCES far more than what kind of gadgets we can blow all of our money on.  
I look forward to edible trees and snowman pancakes and a trip to the aquarium and songs in the car and route 66 and crafty hours and singing songs around the piano and the joy and merriment of BEING TOGETHER. Perhaps a round of Muppetopoly or Bezzerwizzer. or both.  
I love to GIVE gifts and wish I thought about it more during the year so I wouldn't feel crunched with a deadline.  
So here's to the Holiday Spirit.  


  1. Are you going to your moms for Christmas?? Do you drive through St. George or are you going south?? I have yours and your moms pay it forward craft, but ceramics don't do so well USPS!!
    Happy Holidays Love!!!

  2. Miss Tawny- We are in fact headed your direction on the way out (south on the way back). Not sure exactly what day though. I'll give you a call and we can catch each other :) When are you on christmas break?

  3. we start Christmas the 21. We will be out of town for a couple days around christmas, but other than that nothing...Yeah we can hang out!!!!